Katerina Aksonova. Pangs of conscience.


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    Scene 1.

    Conference room in the office. Enters Chrissy with papers.

    CHRISSY: Where Trini put papers? She never place it properly. My contracts, her contracts.

    Voice off-stage: “In the conference room.”

    CHRISSY: Trini’s clients, where is papers.


    CHRISSY: What I have done? Client just asked about West, he didn’t ask Mr or Mrs. He didn’t notice. I faked Trini’s signature. Oh my God! It’s for our business. I have any idea what to do now.

    Scene 2.

    Enters Patrick.

    PATRICK: Christopher, what happened, you look like loose all money gambling.

    CHRISSY: I signed contract for two millions instead.

    PATRICK: Beer!

    CHRISSY: Patrick it wasn’t my contract.

    PATRICK: How?

    CHRISSY: Client was for West and he agreed to sign, but it wasn’t the same person who negotiated with Trini. And it was on e-mail.

    PATRICK: Are you trying to tell me that it was contract of your wife?

    CHRISSY: Yes. What I do now?

    PATRICK: Signature?

    CHRISSY: I repeated her. What to do?

    PATRICK: You could tell her whole. You wasn’t at proper place, client was mistaken, just happened.

    Scene 3.

    Enters Trini.

    TRINI: Boys, you are here. Don’t you see my bag?

    PATRICK: No.

    TRINI: I have a meeting with client, but can’t find a note. Chrissy, you didn’t see?

    CHRISSY: Me, why me. Why I need to know where all your belongings are?

    TRINI: No was enough.

    Trini exits.

    Scene 4.

    PATRICK: It wasn’t bad opportunity.

    CHRISSY: For what?

    PATRICK: Tell your wife that you, Christopher West put signature of Catrina West on contract.

    CHRISSY: I wasn’t ready. What now?

    PATRICK: She will kill you for that, remember my words.


    Scene 5.

    Big studio. In centre of flat is bed, on left corner is table with chairs, on right sofa.

    Chrissy sits in bed, near him lays Trini.

    TRINI: Maybe, if you are going to sleep all night you could turn off the light?

    CHRISSY: Like you say, dear.

    Lights turn off.

    TRINI: Good night.

    CHRISSY: Sweet dreams.

    Red light of anxiety on stage.

    CHRISSY: She said Good night. Not Good night Chrissy as usual. Could she suspect something? Perhaps she already checked contract. Why say nothing? She always argues about all. Patrick could be right. She will kill me. Interesting, she sleeps or pretends that sleeps, that I will not suspect something.

    Chrissy looks at Trini. Normal twilight.

    TRINI: Sir, can I help you?

    CHRISSY: No, dear. Why you ask?

    TRINI: Why you look at me when I sleep?

    CHRISSY: You wasn’t asleep if you noticed that.

    TRINI: You put hand near my mouth to check breathing and accidentally touch my nose, I noticed that.

    CHRISSY: Sorry, Trini, I just...

    TRINI: Tomorrow in morning I’ll go to yoga class with new client. I need sleep.

    CHRISSY: Quiet.

    TRINI: And?

    CHRISSY: I won’t check breath.

    Red light of anxiety on stage.

    CHRISSY: She is on the alert. Yoga in morning. She could make it at home. Does she hope that I will believe that stay at home alone? She is my wife, she knows me better than I. I know her also. I need to think clear and find a way in which she will kill me.


    TRINI: Tea on table.

    Chrissy sits on bed. Trini wears sport costume.

    TRINI: Tea. Table. Remember.

    CHRISSY: You waked up.

    TRINI: Not a thing is unnoticeable for you. I will drive on work than. See you there.

    Trini kisses Chrissy, Trini exits.

    Scene 6.

    Chrissy stands up, comes to the table, takes cup and freezes.

    Red light of anxiety on stage.

    CHRISSY: I wasn’t awake, I am unarmed and she proposed me tea. Where is her cup? She didn’t drink it. She likes mysteries. Her mother studied toxicology, she knew all about poisons. Tea is poisoned. Trini, you won’t have me in such easy way.

    Chrissy goes near window and turns over cup, on street. Angry “Meow” off-stage, Chrissy looks through window.

    CHRISSY: Hope tea wasn’t hot. Cat have few drops from the grass, alive, still alive. Nice try Trini, first cup was clear. What about teapot?

    Chrissy opens teapot, smells it.

    CHRISSY: I haven’t time for tea. Yes, and I’ll wash dishes if she waits for my luck of attention.


    Scene 7.


    Trini and Patrick enter.

    PATRICK: What disturbs you?

    TRINI: Me?

    PATRICK: You.

    TRINI: Chrissy.

    PATRICK: What is with him?

    TRINI: I have no idea. He is nervous.

    PATRICK: Reason?

    TRINI: Any. He just changed.

    PATRICK: In what?

    TRINI: In sum. He washed after himself all dishes and tries to eat when I am not watching.

    PATRICK: Sorry. When you are not watching?

    TRINI: Yes. Eats quick when asks me to find a salt, or document. And our window is always open when we are eating.

    PATRICK: Not fresh air is for him.

    TRINI: With condition system which he chose and enjoyed.

    PATRICK: I think you have rich imagination.

    TRINI: Could he had someone?

    PATRICK: Christopher?

    TRINI: Why not?

    PATRICK: You don’t believe in that yourself.

    TRINI: Something happened.

    PATRICK: He could be just tired and absent-minded.

    TRINI: No. He remembers every little thing, and when he saw that yesterday I checked shampoo in his bathroom.

    PATRICK: Why you need his shampoo?

    TRINI: I made a list of what to buy. And checked cosmetics. He saw me.

    PATRICK: And?

    TRINI: So strange looked a me.

    PATRICK: Make-believe.

    TRINI: I thought the same, but in the morning in his bathroom was empty toothpaste and dental rinse.

    PATRICK: It’s really suspicious that he remembered to clean teeth.

    TRINI: They were full when I checked.

    PATRICK: Christopher is clumsy, simple explanation.

    TRINI: And he didn’t say?

    PATRICK: Why you, women, think that it’s pleasure for man underline how stupid he is.

    TRINI: You are right. I called you here not to talk about Chrissy. That dealer in Vienna. He is bad.

    PATRICK: Awful.

    TRINI: Chrissy won’t be happy when I’ll fire him.

    PATRICK: Chrissy, Chrissy. Get rid of him.

    TRINI: You are right.

    Scene 8.

    Enters Chrissy, strange gaze, he heard last two sentences.

    CHRISSY: I didn’t disturb you.

    PATRICK: No. But thanks for politeness.

    TRINI: You look pale. Are you all right? I could cancel everything.

    CHRISSY: Not a problem.

    PATRICK: What plans?

    TRINI: New restaurant, in fact culinary courses. I went there for three weeks and as exam we prepare and our relatives eat our cooking.

    PATRICK: Interesting. I like to eat.

    CHRISSY: You do. Patrick, I will wait for you at eight.

    TRINI: Why?

    CHRISSY: He’ll try your new food.

    PATRICK: I liked previous taste. I’ll come, Trini, if you don’t mind.

    TRINI: I, never. But I put less cardamom in salad. I need to check everything. Chrissy, you remember address.

    Trini exits.

    Scene 9.

    PATRICK: What was that?

    CHRISSY: Where?

    PATRICK: Now. Here. You didn’t tell her, did you?

    CHRISSY: No. She will kill me.

    PATRICK: And will be absolutely right. You deserved it. Now you afraid to be tete-a-tete with Trini. Don’t ask me to sleep in your bed, because you’ll afraid that talk when asleep. Coward.

    Patrick exits.

    Scene 10.

    Red light of anxiety on stage.

    CHRISSY: She won’t poisoned food. Two of us. It will be obvious. Trini almost reveal herself when said that change ingredients.

    Patrick thinks that I am wrong. Not he is the victim. He also isn’t saint. “Get rid of Chrissy”. It was his words. She told him everything and he agreed. He wants to be on my place at firm. He wants to be near Trini. He loves her. Why I never noticed this? He said that he likes how she cooks. She cooked for him, fish with mushrooms, he can’t refuse.

    They are planning to kill me. I need to talk with police.


    Scene 11.


    Chrissy sits on bed, his head near his knees. Trini stands with pillow in her hand.

    TRINI: I’m listening.

    CHRISSY: I already told you.

    TRINI: I’ll listen again.

    CHRISSY: I think you could sleep without pillow.

    TRINI: Further.

    CHRISSY: For your beauty.

    TRINI: Because I’ll have double chin.

    CHRISSY: I read in article.

    TRINI: I am fat.

    CHRISSY: I never said that.

    TRINI: Yes. I’m not 55 kilos of pure bones, you know that I weight more. You said you liked that I have curves.

    CHRISSY: It just pillow.

    TRINI: I was quiet when you started to sleep without pillow. I was quiet when you started to close bathroom when had a bath, before that we had it together. I was quiet when you started to drink only water which you bought and opened. But take away from me pillow. What happened?

    CHRISSY: Nothing.

    TRINI: Chrissy, I trust you like to no one else in the word. You know all my weak spots. What I like, what I hate. Trust me. We can fix it together.

    CHRISSY: I don’t need your help with fixing me.

    TRINI: Columbia. Drugs. Tell me. Your last visit.

    CHRISSY: Don’t be mad. Drugs? Me.

    TRINI: Tell the truth.

    CHRISSY: You made a hysteric from my remark.

    TRINI: Get it. You don’t tell. Test for drugs or I’ll go to sleep to my parent’s house.

    CHRISSY: In the middle of the night.

    TRINI: Test in the morning.

    CHRISSY: No. We live in free country.

    TRINI: Sleep well.

    Trini pulls pillow on Chrissy, he catches it. Trini exits.

    Scene 12.

    Red light of anxiety on stage.

    CHRISSY: At last, I could sleep and don’t think that she will accidentally strangle me with a pillow.

    Chrissy with disgust throws pillow on the floor.

    CHRISSY: She went to parents house. Trini, dear, don’t look for poisons, I won’t eat what you cooked.

    Parents. Father, her father has a collection of white blades.


    CHRISSY (on phone): Only at the morning. Nothing earlier. But if I pay you. Fine. Six o’clock. I’ll manage. I’ll wait. Yes, you phone and only after that I’ll open door for you.


    Scene 13.

    Awful noise of siren. Lights on. Trini sits on chair, smiles. Chrissy stays inside of walk-through security detector.

    TRINI: I wait for it for three hours.

    CHRISSY: Switch it off.

    TRINI: I have no idea now.

    CHRISSY: Call the police and tell them...

    Chrissy reaches out for phone, Trini takes it from him.

    TRINI: No. Like me, you’ll wait for police and tell them why you put this in our house. I’ll, with pleasure, also listen. Why walk-through security detector is in our hall now? I will watch your embarrassment, mine I already had, when explained that wife had no idea that husband put this at home, when I was one night from home.

    CHRISSY: It was your choice.

    TRINI: You are mad. Drug test.


    CHRISSY: Are you happy now?

    TRINI (reads paper): I’ll start from beginning.

    CHRISSY: Third time. Nothing. Nichts. Nada. Rien.

    TRINI: They could be wrong.

    CHRISSY: Police recommended that, they were precious.

    TRINI: Yes. Smart boys, they agree about my idea that it’s strange to put walk-through metal security detector in the house.

    CHRISSY: For security purpose.

    TRINI: You became part of Ndrangheta?

    CHRISSY: No.

    TRINI: Why you afraid of people with guns?

    CHRISSY: And knives.

    TRINI: What’s going on?

    CHRISSY: Nothing. You have to be grateful for what I did for us. I need a walk.

    TRINI: You need a doctor or be sincere.

    Chrissy exits.

    Scene 14.

    TRINI: He is afraid of his life or my. I don’t know, what happened. Patrick! This lock I’ll broke anyway, Chrissy.

    Trini exits.

    Scene 15.


    Patrick and Trini enter.

    PATRICK: Sunday. Trini. Are you mad?

    TRINI: What happened with Chrissy?

    PATRICK: I have no idea.

    TRINI: He didn’t change light bulb in lamp until I walked away in another room and he locked door after me. He didn’t want that I’ll stay near stepladder.

    PATRICK: You know that you can’t go under ladder.

    TRINI: What is with Chrissy?

    PATRICK: To my observation, he didn’t tell you.

    TRINI: What? Illness?

    PATRICK: Contract.

    TRINI: Which?


    PATRICK: That’s all.

    TRINI: Patrick, I know you as long as I know Chrissy, what else?

    PATRICK: Trifle. You know, how Christopher likes to panic.

    TRINI: I know. But even for him it wasn’t enough.

    PATRICK: Could be someone, not thinking, alerted him.

    TRINI: Patrick, what did you told my husband.


    TRINI: Marriage of your friend, madness of your friend, depends on you, tell.

    PATRICK: I said him that you’ll kill him.

    TRINI: Me?

    PATRICK: I wasn’t mean exactly. Just your quick temper.

    TRINI: Patrick! Pillow, food, knives. You’ll be my next victim and I mean it.

    PATRICK: He will be fine.

    TRINI: I was talking about you.

    Trini exits.


    Scene 16.


    Enters Trini in white morning gown, in her hand is little lantern.

    TRINI: Where I put matches? I can’t switch on light, Chrissy could notice something.

    Enters Chrissy.

    CHRISSY: Who is there?

    Trini puts lantern’s light on Chrissy’s face, he habitually jumps behind sofa, sound of fall.

    TRINI (whispers): Surprise.

    Lights on.

    Trini stays on knees near Chrissy, who lays on the floor.

    TRINI: How are you?

    CHRISSY: I will tell. I will tell about contract. Please, don’t kill me.

    TRINI: I don’t think that fall from your height will be such damaging for your brain.

    CHRISSY: It was my fault. I just signed contract. Fees you already received on your account.

    TRINI: You really could think that I could kill you for that.

    CHRISSY: I believed in your temper. And at your place.

    TRINI: What you will do?

    Red light of anxiety on stage.

    CHRISSY: Stop, enough. I will be disappointed that I don’t tell you at first.

    Red light of anxiety on stage became pale, till normal light.

    TRINI: I prepared you a dinner. For two, that you’ll feel safe.

    CHRISSY: You have no idea how I missed your cooking.

    TRINI: I’m glad.

    CHRISSY: You shouldn't assemble all this for me.

    TRINI: I want that from now in our relationship will be only openness.

    CHRISSY: Trini, me also.

    TRINI: And, Chrissy, sometimes I also signed for you papers.

    CHRISSY: You?

    TRINI: How you believe all your life insurance was paid on time?

    CHRISSY: What?

    TRINI: It’s not what you think.

    CHRISSY: I love you.

    TRINI: Even if I have bad plans for you.

    CHRISSY: I don’t mind. I am absolutely tired of hiding. Better to be murdered in love.

    TRINI: Most stupid confession which I heard, but I love you too.

    Trini and Chrissy long kiss.


    July-August 2015.

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