Katerina Aksonova. Murderous love.


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    idea June 2006


    Desiree Green, Jonathan’s wife.

    Jonathan Green, Desiree’s husband.

    Roger, Jonathan’s boss.

    Micky, Jonathan’s friend.

    Angela, Jonathan’s first wife.

    Arthur, Angela’s second husband.

    Liza, Arthur’s mother.

    Barbara, Angela’s friend.

    Carissa, Angela’s friend.

    Tobias, owner of gallery.


    Scene 1.

    Living room in cosy house. Lot of children’s toys everywhere. Kid’s bicycles near the door to little garden. House is very comfortable for kid’s life. Big sofa with a lot of pillows in shapes of different animals.


    Enters Desiree Green, wears home gown, starts to pick up toys.

    DESIREE: I think children convinced that will happen irretrievable if they put on place toys. Kids are our treasure, like all the time says Jonathan. Yes, but will be better if father could spend with them more time. Eleven o’clock, another long meeting.

    Scene 2.

    Enters Jonathan Green, good suit, tie not on the place. He is a little bit drunk. Desiree is her back to him, Jonathan comes to her and hugs.

    JONATHAN: Did you miss me?

    DESIREE: Yes. Especially children. You know what time is it?

    JONATHAN: I was working. All what I do, is for our kids. They are our treasure.

    DESIREE: Than be with them.

    JONATHAN: Come on! I had a long day. Drink with stupid people. I wait an award from you.

    DESIREE: Award?!

    JONATHAN: You know what I need after long day.

    DESIREE: Too much whisky.

    JONATHAN: Come here. We’ll spend wonderful night, few hours, minutes together and nobody will disturb us. It’s all about I was thinking during that evening. Perhaps, I drank a little bit.

    Jonathan pulls Desiree to the sofa, she doesn’t resist.

    JONATHAN: You know what I need. You know, how I miss you. (kisses her) Angela, my love.

    DESIREE: What? What did you say in our house?

    JONATHAN: When?

    DESIREE: Now. You called me Angela. You said her name.

    JONATHAN: I? Never. I pronounced: Angel my, Desiree.

    DESIREE: Why are you lying to me? How you could think about her, now?

    JONATHAN: It’s not a big deal.

    DESIREE: Yes. You’ll sleep here, on sofa. It’s not a big deal.

    JONATHAN: You’ll be happy when Angela will be dead, only than you will be calm about my past.

    Desiree exits.

    Scene 3.

    JONATHAN: Nervous woman. I think about her, I love her, Desiree. We’re married for ten years. Will she for a day forget about Angela Green? Will I ever forget about her? Sometimes I really made it. Than a gain few nights on sofa. I’ll bring Desiree another gift and she’ll forgive me. She loves me like crazy cat. I know it, I am selfish and I will survive.


    Scene 4.

    Enters Desiree throws at Jonathan’s face a newspaper.

    DESIREE: You are wrong. I am not happy, even for a moment.

    JONATHAN: What? Is it morning? Why you are angry?

    DESIREE: I am not happy that she is dead. I am not. I am not.

    JONATHAN: Who is dead?

    DESIREE: Your Angela. Photo on first page, like usual. Tragic death of Emerald’s Queen. I am not happy. Did you hear me?

    Desiree in tears runs away.

    Scene 5.

    JONATHAN: My head. Shit! What a whisky was yesterday? Desiree again in bad mood. Someone is dead. Where is newspaper? (reads)

    Tragic death of Emerald’s Queen. Angela Brown, 42, was found dead in her studio by her husband Arthur Brown, 40. Well known artist was found dead after tragic accident in her home. Family asked for understanding. Angela Brown will be buried in the Brown’s family crypt in home town of Arthur Brown, this Saturday.”

    No. It can’t be Angela. She was... She was my Angela... Oh, no.

    Tragic accident at house, it wasn’t car. What was it? Arthur, he knows. I can’t ask him. I’ll find someone with information. Micky, he still works in that town, he knows everyone. Police will help me. I need to speak with Micky. I have to be on funeral.

    Desiree! No. She never understands. She... I have to think. I need to talk with someone. I need to do something.

    Jonathan puts straight suite and tie, folds up a newspaper and puts it in pocket.

    Jonathan exits.

    Scene 6.

    Enters Desiree.

    DESIREE: You could always talk to me even about her.

    Jonathan?! Jonathan? Where is he? I shouldn’t tell it in such way.


    Off stage “Mummy!”

    DESIREE: I’m coming. I’m coming. Later I will find your stubborn father. He needs time to be alone. I can’t talk about her. I am not ready for that.


    Scene 7.

    Enters Jonathan, in his hand is full bottle of alcohol.

    DESIREE: Kids will be back at any minute. Put it away.

    JONATHAN: I didn’t drink. It’s for you. You need a celebration.

    DESIREE: Me? Jonathan. Stop. What I said...

    JONATHAN: For now you are pleased. Like you said me often: “You’ll run to her, when she calls you.” She won’t call me. Angela is dead. My congratulations to you.

    DESIREE: You wait for my apologies or comparison. I live all that years with shadow of flawless Angela.

    JONATHAN: All ended now, you have to be happy.

    DESIREE: For her. Not for you or me. She lives in your heart. Like angel, saint. I always will be not perfect comparing to her. You didn’t want to stay with her. I spent sleepless nights thinking when you’ll go to her. I know that she called you last week. And yes, I’m glad that she at the end left you for ever.

    JONATHAN: It was problem with insurance. Museum made a mistake with her painting.

    DESIREE: Yes, only your firm could make insurance contract with marvellous Angela Brown, Emerald’s Queen.

    JONATHAN: Business, only business.

    DESIREE: And now your firm will take care of her work. I meant, you will take care. I think when she called she wasn’t talk about last will.

    JONATHAN: She didn’t change her mind that our firm will protect her heritage.

    DESIREE: Her heritage! It would be lovely. Angela’s first husband and last will discuss to which museum give her paintings.

    JONATHAN: What’s the problem?

    DESIREE: Complication, it’s your personal case.

    JONATHAN: My feeling here is nothing to worry about. Someone from our office have to be on funeral.

    DESIREE: You said it aloud to me, you noticed. You will be there.

    JONATHAN: It’s not definitely yet.

    DESIREE: You’ll go. All this years and now, last chance.

    JONATHAN: You will be jealous to dead woman.

    DESIREE: If you still love her, yes.

    JONATHAN: Now I’m sure to go and you’ll see how wrong you are. I feel nothing to her. Only sorrow, that she is dead, nothing more. I’ll prove it to you. It’s only business, Desiree.


    Scene 8.

    Jonathan’s office.

    Jonathan walks from wall to wall. Enters Roger, man older than Jonathan.

    ROGER: Do you need exactly area of this room? I could call architect and you will have numbers.

    JONATHAN: Angela is dead.

    ROGER: I read newspaper. I am sorry. It’s still loss for you. Problems at home connected to it?

    JONATHAN: Why do you think so?

    ROGER: Maybe that idea came to my mind because of suitcase.

    JONATHAN: It’s different.

    ROGER: Are you kidding? No, you aren’t. Let me predict. You want to be a face of our office at Angela’s funeral.

    JONATHAN: Do you put a veto?

    ROGER: I’ll say it’s not reasonable.

    JONATHAN: Who knew her better than I? Who remember all her paintings?

    ROGER: You can’t be objective.

    JONATHAN: We just check risks, I don’t put the price at auctions.

    ROGER: Better for you. I suppose that Desiree is not happy about your decision. And why you need this trip. Angela is dead. You didn’t see her for ages.

    JONATHAN: We talked.

    ROGER: It was previous life. You wanted to forget it. Once, twice, you talked.

    JONATHAN: Weekly.

    ROGER: What? Desiree suspects it.

    JONATHAN: Hope not. I never used my personal phone.

    ROGER: What for?

    JONATHAN: What?

    ROGER: Why did you talk on phone with your ex-wife?

    JONATHAN: It was her idea. We chatter about this and that.

    ROGER: You wasn’t against it.

    JONATHAN: Angela started it. She need one person to make investigation.

    ROGER: Personal investigation?

    JONATHAN: Yes, I told her about Micky, that she still could count on him.

    ROGER: And? What about it was?

    JONATHAN: I have no idea. I just informed her who is good at that. And we talk like friends.

    ROGER: And you want to see Micky in person.

    JONATHAN: It was one of reasons, why I’ll ask you, Roger, to choose me to visit this funeral.

    ROGER: It was her life, nothing connected with you.

    JONATHAN: I know. I just meet my old friend.

    ROGER: Fine. I don’t give you permission.

    JONATHAN: Roger!

    ROGER: I also won’t stop you.

    JONATHAN: Roger! Thank you. You made a lot for me.

    ROGER: For you and Angela. She was so young for death. You won’t sleep until you find everything yourself. Go.

    JONATHAN: Thank you.


    Scene 9.

    Painter’s studio with spiral staircase to second floor. On the stairs’ hand-rail with attached little bunch of flowers with black ribbon.

    Decorated with black fabric are four big paintings. They all looks very similar to original paintings, but faces resemble Arthur and Liza: Jean Louis Theodore Gericault The Kiss and Anthony van Dyck Amor and Psyche. Another two paintings are portraits. Portrait of Arthur is in style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s Librarian. Portrait of Liza in style of Raffael Sanzio’s Portrait of Elisabetta Gonzaga.


    In the middle of the room stays tall little table with urn on it, near portrait (photo) of Angela. Any other furniture in the room.

    Enters Waiter with glasses on tray.

    Enter Arthur and Liza, both wear black.

    ARTHUR: Do you think it was necessary?

    LIZA: My dear Arthur, you told me that you can’t see her dead.

    ARTHUR: Yes. It was suddenly.

    LIZA: No one could prepare.

    ARTHUR: Angela could like it. In her studio. Place which she liked.

    LIZA: Yes. Without all that strangers in the church. On the cemetery it would be only two of us. I don’t know if we need any other witnesses.

    ARTHUR: Angela was appreciated by many people. I want that they remember her alive and forget about grief.

    LIZA: Angela loved life, so I organized it like one of her exhibition with paintings that no one saw before.

    ARTHUR: I never thought it was a good idea to imitate famous painters.

    LIZA: You still can’t realize why she did it.

    ARTHUR: You have an answer.

    LIZA: It was obvious. She can’t find own ideas and she tried to copy famous to have new paintings.

    ARTHUR: It can’t be.

    LIZA: Why not? Don’t you think that “Librarian” looks like you.

    ARTHUR: Perhaps.

    LIZA: Remember I am with you and I’ll help you to live inside it.

    ARTHUR: Thanks, mother.

    Muffled voices backstage.

    LIZA: They came, you have to be strong for Angela.

    Scene 10.

    Enter two woman wearing black, Barbara and Carissa; Micky, friend of Jonathan; Tobias, owner of gallery; Jonathan in black suit.

    ARTHUR: I am grateful to all that you came in such sad moment. Spirit of Angela is here. I still wait when she walks in that room, like was many times when she showed new works. Sorry. Who wants could tell few words and than we... We will go with her at last trip, sorry, without friends.

    TOBIAS: Arthur, my boy. Could I make a speech first?

    LIZA: Angela loved you.

    TOBIAS: Thank you, Liza. I am sad like all of you. Grief which came to Arthur’s heart is indescribable. Angela was such lovely woman, she adored life. Her gleeful story ended here, in place where she created. You can see here her paintings. By the way, next week our gallery “Tobias and son” will have great exhibition of astonished works of such talented woman, who so early left us without her gift.

    LIZA: Thank you, Tobias.

    TOBIAS: I will wait you all, next week, don’t forget.

    ARTHUR: We will come. Angela loves... loved you gallery.

    TOBIAS: The same feelings gallery “Tobias and son” has to her works.

    LIZA: Girls, Angela loved you so.

    BARBARA: I can’t, it’s so tragic to me. Angela was with us and now. Carissa, you could tell.

    CARISSA: Barbara can’t stop to cry for two days. When we knew about death of our beloved Angela... We always were together. We all helped each other in support. Liza found a lot for all of us. She helped us to stay alive. And when Angela experienced what we had. Liza find us and we... we were together.

    BARBARA: She was youngest. I can’t.

    LIZA: Arthur, please help me with Barbara.

    Arthur helps Barbara, and Liza exits with them.

    MICKY: I can’t believe that you came, Jonathan.

    JONATHAN: Business of our firm, Micky, you have to guess.

    TOBIAS: Sorry, but Angela’s work connected with gallery “Tobias and son”.

    JONATHAN: Relax, it’s insurance business.

    TOBIAS: Accident. Poor Angela.

    MICKY: You are here because of insurance.

    JONATHAN: What else could bring me here?

    MICKY(whispers): I will wait you in a hour in bar “Moon light”. We need to talk.

    JONATHAN: Terrible accident, Tobias, don’t you think.

    TOBIAS: Absolutely. And our gallery “Tobias and son” was so lucky. I mean, such terrible providence. Angela planned exhibition. Exclusive exhibition.

    JONATHAN: What was exclusive?

    TOBIAS: Journalists, TV. Only for that four paintings.

    JONATHAN: This? Are you sure?

    TOBIAS: I have a draft of catalogue. No matter that I thought it will be catastrophe to her reputation as original painter. Now I will arrange an exhibition, to my taste.

    Return Arthur, Barbara, and Liza.

    LIZA: We are glad that all you came, but I think it’s better to finish that goodbye. Carissa, take care of Barbara.


    Scene 11.

    Little bar, the same Waiter from funeral.


    Enters Jonathan.

    WAITER: Something strong to feel alive?

    JONATHAN: Sorry, I didn’t get it.

    WAITER: You were at funeral of Emerald’s Queen. I worked there and I in my experience after such events people need something strong to feel life again.

    JONATHAN: Yes, it could be great.

    Enter Barbara and Carissa.

    CARISSA: Listen to me, you need it, it will be easy.

    BARBARA: You know I never connect alcohol and grief. Even when... even when you know when.

    CARISSA: You need this for relax. Waiter!

    WAITER: Can I help you?

    CARISSA: Something strong to move blood.

    WAITER: One moment.

    BARBARA: We shouldn’t. Angela she never...

    WAITER: Ladies here are your drinks.

    JONATHAN: Sorry to interrupt you, ladies. Can I join you?

    BARBARA: How could you? We are in black and...

    CARISSA: Yes, of course, Barbara, he was on Angela’s funeral.

    BARBARA: Really. Sorry I didn’t recognize you. I was so sad.

    JONATHAN: You were good friends with Angela.

    CARISSA: Best.

    JONATHAN: Angela was famous. Why not numerous people came to remember her.

    BARBARA: At first it was planned to take place in church, with coffin and everything.

    JONATHAN: But.

    BARBARA: Liza changed it. Cremation, ash instead of person.

    JONATHAN: Why?

    CARISSA: Because of Arthur, Angela’s husband. He said he can’t see Angela dead and she...

    BARBARA: I also can’t.

    JONATHAN: You couldn’t.

    BARBARA: I refused.

    CARISSA: She’s drunk, sorry.

    BARBARA: I’m not. Paddy proposed last goodbye.

    CARISSA: Are you again saw Patrick?

    BARBARA: He called me, because it was my friend.

    JONATHAN: Your Paddy, confident, works in funeral agency.

    BARBARA: God’s Heaven not. He is doctor, he made Angela’s dissection.

    JONATHAN: Absolutely different professions.

    CARISSA: You didn’t come.

    JONATHAN: See close friend in such terrible state: bruises, broken legs and arms.

    BARBARA: Why so terrible? She has... her neck was broken. Paddy said it’s usual after such fell. Simultaneous death. I can’t, you know, I can’t see her like that. After her support when I receive that terrible message “I am pregnant from your husband”. She saved my life. She and Paddy. How I could refuse to answer for his phone?

    CARISSA: I always was afraid of her stairs. They are so... dangerous.

    JONATHAN: She fell from stairs.

    CARISSA: Yes, Liza told so, all that steps.

    JONATHAN: I am not any kind of doctor, but I think your friend need rest at home.

    CARISSA: Yes, Barbara, man is right. Sorry, I don’t remember your name. Was you a friend of Angela?

    JONATHAN: Business. Insurance company of art. Jonathan Green.

    BARBARA: It’s nice when man could listen. Not my Archi.

    CARISSA: Yes, only Paddy understands you, you’ll have a sincere listener, till Archi doesn’t know about him. You need to be at home.

    JONATHAN: Better that your children won’t see you in such state.

    Barbara starts to cry.

    CARISSA: It was inconvenient, Mr Green. Business. You never know Angela in person. Come on, Barbara.

    Barbara and Carissa exit.

    JONATHAN: I never know Angela. What else you could said? Waiter, two more glasses.

    WAITER: Here you are. Do I need to call a taxi for you?

    JONATHAN: Why? This? My friend will came any moment now.

    Scene 12.

    Enters Micky.

    MICKY: You already ordered to me, thanks.

    JONATHAN: I’m listening.

    MICKY: My old pall, Jonathan, I also glad to see you even in such awful occasion.

    JONATHAN: Why you was on Angela’s funeral?

    MICKY: I was acquaint with Angela.

    JONATHAN: I will ask again. Why police was on Angela’s funeral?

    MICKY: Just in case.

    JONATHAN: For what.

    MICKY: It’s usual practice.

    JONATHAN: When falling from a twenty eight stairs left only one mark as brocken neck without any other damages. Is Arthur main suspect?

    MICKY: What else you want to tell me?

    JONATHAN: Am I right?

    MICKY: What about?

    JONATHAN: Is Arthur main suspect?

    MICKY: Police for now...

    JONATHAN: Micky, it’s me, remember.

    MICKY: He can’t kill Angela. He loved her and... he has an alibi. Strong as no one.

    JONATHAN: Liza.

    MICKY: Don’t be ridiculous. We think... why police was there. I don’t think you will like to hear it from me.

    JONATHAN: I am waiting.

    MICKY: It could be suicide.

    JONATHAN: You all are berks.

    MICKY: Thank you for trusting my proficiency.

    JONATHAN: Why it wasn’t in newspapers?

    MICKY: I don’t even said that to family. How it could be in papers?

    JONATHAN: Angela loved life, she was joyful, even after all that we... you remember. She find strength to live. She let me go, because loved me. We could live only two of us. I tried. But she agreed with my pain and...

    MICKY: Yes, I remember. She has... had, Angela had that ability to let go men. For them to be happy, like she dreamed. I am connected to all your story. I learned about Liza and hoped she will help both of you. Angela returned and stayed in our town. You choose own life. She thought that will make Arthur happy. Than all changed.

    JONATHAN: Without riddles.

    MICKY: Angela knew that Arthur never will divorce her.

    JONATHAN: Did he was cruel to her?

    MICKY: Arthur loved her and forgive her everything. She just wanted to give him a second chance, like for you. Make him free from her, free from her guilt.

    JONATHAN: What?

    MICKY: Police can’t use it in official statement, but I know what asked from me Angela.

    JONATHAN: And you tell me?

    MICKY: You can’t use it also. It won’t make you happy either. Angela asked me to find how anonymously check one of Arthur’s ability.

    JONATHAN: Was he cheating?

    MICKY: He could has children. You understand, own children.

    JONATHAN: It couldn’t be.

    MICKY: Angela was depressed. In our city was bad joker, she wrote e-mails for every married couple. Text was “I am pregnant from your husband”. We spend two month to find her, now she is in mad house. Angela began to think about that, think deep. She made few test. We never could use that as evidence. Jonathan, you know it’s a good motive. You have two children, you have to respect Angela’s choice. Thanks for drink, I have to go.

    Micky exits.


    Scene 13.

    Hotel’s room. Jonathan speaks on phone.


    JONATHAN: Yes, I really appreciate. Tomorrow, will be great. I know that it is for Angela. Yes, I will be today at exhibition in honour of her memory. Thank you. “Roger’s insurance” will help you in that difficult time. Till tomorrow, Arthur.


    Scene 14.

    Jonathan’s office. Roger sits near the table.

    Enters Desiree.

    ROGER: Desiree, dear. I know that you will be angry at me. Jonathan is our best, he have to go on that trip.

    DESIREE: Thank you, Roger. But I know exactly where is my husband.

    ROGER: What can I do for you?

    DESIREE: I need your help.

    ROGER: Desiree, Jonathan is stubborn.

    DESIREE: And doesn’t stop until he will discover everything himself. I know. I need your assistance. Recommendations.

    ROGER: You are a photograph. I don’t think that I...

    DESIREE: You have to tell that you advice me as photograph for catalogue of pictures.

    ROGER: I don’t understand.

    DESIREE: “Tobias and son” to begin with...


    Scene 15.

    Angela’s studio.

    On the centre is reproduction of painting. Enters Jonathan walks near it.


    All stage became one big painting with the sea, which resembles as twin Paul Signac’s Antibes, die Turme. Jonathan stays inside of it, dots on painting became whole picture. It’s backstage with view of Antibes.


    On the edge sits Angela, back to audience. She is painting. Jonathan comes to her, during the walk he puts off jacket and unbuttons shirt.

    JONATHAN: May I disturb you?

    ANGELA (turns to him): What’s happen?

    JONATHAN: You can’t paint here. It’s illegal.

    ANGELA: What are you talking?

    JONATHAN: You had a best view on sea. Instead of sea all people have to admire you, because you are more beautiful than seaside.

    ANGELA: Ridiculous.

    JONATHAN: If I have my police authority here, you’ll receive a fine for your activities. But I am on holiday.

    ANGELA: You are powerless.

    JONATHAN: Can’t say that you are wrong. Maybe, dinner for interrupting your work.

    ANGELA: You don’t plan to leave me alone.

    JONATHAN: To my death.

    ANGELA: Dinner?

    JONATHAN: If you wish?

    ANGELA: I?

    JONATHAN: Fine, I agree. Never say no, when woman ask me something. What are you painting?

    ANGELA: Try to see what saw painter before me.

    JONATHAN: Sea? Antibes?

    ANGELA: Of course, not you. You know Paul Signac Antibes, die Turme.

    JONATHAN: My favourite picture.

    ANGELA: You adore storm at painting.

    JONATHAN: Yes, in storm is amount of power.

    ANGELA: And in you is not a drop of honesty.

    JONATHAN: Objection!

    ANGELA: You have no idea about what do you talk.

    JONATHAN: You tell me and I will listen. Sorry, what is your name again? All the time forget names. Bad habit for police officer.

    ANGELA: Lie is bad habit. I didn’t tell you my name, you didn’t ask.

    JONATHAN: Could something change if I ask? What is your name?

    ANGELA: Angela.

    JONATHAN: I knew it, beautiful angel. And my name is Jonathan if you want to know.

    ANGELA: I have to. It will be easy to tell police if dinner became a disaster.

    JONATHAN: It won’t.

    ANGELA: I’ll give you a chance.

    JONATHAN: I’ll help you with your... stuff.

    ANGELA: Thank you. But all... things have names.

    JONATHAN: I will listen as careful and attentive as possible.


    Scene 16.

    Angela’s studio.

    Arthur comes down by stairs.


    ARTHUR: Hope you didn’t wait for me too long?

    JONATHAN: Door was open. I am glad that you agree to meet me.

    ARTHUR: I was upstairs with photograph, whom Tobias hugely recommended me, you saw him at funeral, Tobias from gallery “Tobias and son”. He thinks she is best for such catalogue.

    By stairs comes down barefoot Desiree, on the floor she takes on her shoes which were on the first floor.

    ARTHUR: Stairs are dangerous. Angela always did the same.

    JONATHAN: Desiree Verde, how amazing to see you here.

    ARTHUR: Mrs Verde you are popular artist.

    DESIREE: I try. And you are, sorry?

    JONATHAN: How rude of me, Jonathan Green.

    ARTHUR: Desiree will work on catalogue of Angela’s painting.

    JONATHAN: Unpredictable choice. If you don’t mind. Arthur, I have one question. This lovely painting...

    ARTHUR: It’s from Angela’s early work. At the beginning she copied everyone. And before death she copied everyone. Symbolic, beginning and end.

    Enters Liza.

    ARTHUR: Mother, I would like introduce to you Desiree Verde. She will work as photographer on Angela’s catalogue.

    LIZA: Nice to meet you, even in such sad circumstances.

    DESIREE: I am sorry too. Nice to meet you.

    LIZA: And I saw you, you are...

    JONATHAN: Insurance agent. I was on Angela’s funeral.

    LIZA: Oh, yes. I never forget faces of patients.

    JONATHAN: Good for you.

    LIZA: Arthur, I think it’s not a place for insurance agent. We could call our lawyer.

    JONATHAN: I already had an agreement.

    DESIREE: I will return when you will be ready. Bye.

    ARTHUR: Bye.

    JONATHAN: Have a nice day. I meant receive my condolences one more time.

    Desiree and Jonathan exit.

    ARTHUR: Mother, that woman she is like Angela, she did...

    LIZA: Later, Arthur. I know that you can’t be tranquil. At least show the grief after Angela’s death. What people will think?

    ARTHUR: Everything here is in remembrance of her.

    LIZA: I know. We could close studio, the house. You can live with me, in hotel, whatever you wish. Don’t try so hard to wipe every memory about Angela.

    ARTHUR: Yes, I didn’t. It looks farcical. I recognize it. I will stop. If we made a catalogue I could put house on sale next month, with her studio.

    LIZA: Too soon.

    ARTHUR: I still can’t see this room. Angela on floor with her pale skin, long green dress, black stilettos and nail polish, red nail polish, like blood near her lips.

    LIZA: Calm down. You have to.

    ARTHUR: I try.


    Scene 17.

    Jonathan’s hotel room.

    Enter Jonathan and Desiree.

    DESIREE: Don’t you think that it would be suspicious. After first meeting, strangers, we came in one room.

    JONATHAN: What are you doing here?

    DESIREE: In this room?

    JONATHAN: In Angela’s house.

    DESIREE: I am photographer for catalogue of her works if you didn’t listen to the Arthur Brown.

    JONATHAN: Why you are here?

    DESIREE: You asked that.

    JONATHAN: Why you are here?

    DESIREE: You asked moment ago.

    JONATHAN: I need truth.

    DESIREE: To help you.

    JONATHAN: Help me!

    DESIREE: I know, it’s not my business. I agree with Micky, you can’t resigned it. You can’t approve her choice.

    JONATHAN: Micky, did you speak to him?

    DESIREE: Remember, once we have holidays together. He and his girlfriend at that time. I found him.

    JONATHAN: Micky wants to stop me.

    DESIREE: He cares about you. It’s painful for me even to tell it aloud, but I tolerate great loss to you, which you refuse.

    JONATHAN: And you came here?

    DESIREE: To support you.

    JONATHAN: Without imagine that I will be in the same house.

    DESIREE: Have in mind that you will be in the same house.

    JONATHAN: What for?

    DESIREE: To find answers.

    JONATHAN: About what?

    DESIREE: About everything. Tomorrow I will meet Arthur, we will talk about Angela. House is dreadful for him now.

    JONATHAN: She died in artist’s studio.

    DESIREE: Don’t make eternal faultfinding.

    JONATHAN: He is her husband. He is main suspect.

    DESIREE: I am glad that you agree with that.

    JONATHAN: Yes, Arthur is main suspect.

    DESIREE: No. He is, was Angela’s husband. Not you. Not you, any more. I will find out what I could from Arthur. Hope it helps to pacify your imagination.

    JONATHAN: Where you will go?

    DESIREE: I stayed in different room.

    Desiree exits.


    Scene 18.


    Enter Desiree and Arthur.

    ARTHUR: Glad that you agreed to meet here. House is...

    DESIREE: Too many memories.

    ARTHUR: Yes. I loved Angela.

    DESIREE: Why you stressed it? It’s obvious for me.

    ARTHUR: Everyone think that too soon I try to forget everything connected with her. Her paintings, sold our house, her studio. I just. I didn’t told that to no one.

    DESIREE: Telling everything to stranger is the best way to feel freedom.

    ARTHUR: You think so.

    DESIREE: I know.

    ARTHUR: I didn’t even warn my mother. I want to sold all memories and leave that town. I will seacrh solitude somewhere.

    DESIREE: To cure a wound.

    ARTHUR: Yes. That‘s right. Angela is always... was so strong. Sorry. I think it’s not interesting for you.

    DESIREE: Not at all. My husband. He was married before. He always calls his ex-wife an angel, and told that she was strong in every circumstances which they faced.

    ARTHUR: Like my Angela. It’s not my business, but have you any children.

    DESIREE: Yes, two. Ben and Bertha. In house we have all with B in two colours – blue and pink.

    ARTHUR: We always laughed when to me and Angela shop assistants proposed towels with first letter of name. About pink and blue we didn’t think.

    DESIREE: You asked about children, because of many sketches with family, which are everywhere in her studio. Father looks like you, baby also could be yours, only there wasn’t face of mother. It could be Angela’s face, but it was angrily erased.

    ARTHUR: Couldn’t. It was my photos from childhood, which she used as inspirations.

    DESIREE: Sorry. I said something wrong. I didn’t want to.

    ARTHUR: Tell everything to stranger. I’ll try. First time I was on trip somewhere. When I return she was so pale, in hospital.


    Scene 19.

    On the stage is hospital bed in it is Angela. To her comes Jonathan. Arthur’s voice.

    ARTHUR: I asked what happened. She said, nothing, it’s just... Will not be any baby.

    I thought it was hell. We stay together, Angela was strong.

    Next time it was only one day trip. And again. I died with every child.

    Near Angela and Jonathan comes Liza.

    ARTHUR: Mother said, she couldn’t make nothing. She is sorry. She is really sorry.

    Lights above hospital bed switches off.

    Scene 20.


    DESIREE: Your mother. Why your mother?

    ARTHUR: Liza Brown established that it was another extra-uterine pregnancy and could be done nothing. Her experience helped everyone, a lot of happy parents. Not me and Angela. Mother created support club for such women as Angela. They all were brave after survived this. It’s sad story, I think you have no idea about that.

    DESIREE: Yes, such stories never repeated itself, word to word. Both times you wasn’t in the town.

    ARTHUR: Tragic coincidence.

    DESIREE: Two times.

    ARTHUR: I need to forget it. Angela and everything.

    DESIREE: Someday you will have own children, you deserve it, for your pain.

    ARTHUR: Angela told me the same. That I deserved own children. We even talked about divorce.

    DESIREE: After second attempt.

    ARTHUR: No. Month, or something ago. On the party I was dancing with pretty girl. After that was stupid e-mail. Wife was jealous, and demanded divorce which will help me to be happy.

    DESIREE: You said no.

    ARTHUR: Yes. I said no. Mother’s stories taught me that you could live and without own children, it is also called love.

    DESIREE: Angela thought differently.


    Scene 21.

    Jonathan’s hotel room.

    Enter Jonathan and Desiree.

    JONATHAN: It would be odd that in evening you visit room of man.

    DESIREE: You could be right.

    JONATHAN: Sadly, I didn’t hear at first time.

    DESIREE: You could be right.

    JONATHAN: Yes. In what.

    DESIREE: Angela deserved death.

    JONATHAN: What?

    DESIREE: You remember your story of first marriage.

    JONATHAN: I do. It’s you who don’t like to memorize it. Not only because you became pregnant I married you. I wanted children, yes, guilty.

    DESIREE: Angela, tragedy with two extra-uterine pregnancy.

    JONATHAN: I died with every child. How I could forget it?

    DESIREE: Was it truth?

    JONATHAN: You... what... how...

    DESIREE: I’m not opening your old wounds. The same tragic story told me Arthur, about his marriage with Angela.

    JONATHAN: It’s physically impossible. Wasn’t any chance that...

    DESIREE: Perhaps, but doctor both time said that facts to grieving Arthur.

    JONATHAN: Name of the doctor?

    DESIREE: Liza Brown.


    JONATHAN: And all that he told you.

    DESIREE: I am not sadist to invent it all.

    JONATHAN: Liza is remember everyone.

    DESIREE: I heard how she told that recognized you at funeral.

    JONATHAN: Yes. Like husband of one of that woman, that is closer to truth.

    DESIREE: Angela did it with Liza’s help.

    JONATHAN: Why she would do it?

    DESIREE: Who?

    JONATHAN: Angela.

    DESIREE: I have no idea and don’t care. Why made it Liza?

    JONATHAN: What?

    DESIREE: Agree to deceived her son and made him feel pain.

    JONATHAN: He could not feel the pain.

    DESIREE: For him it was tragedy, like for you. With difference that in his case everything was false.

    JONATHAN: Angela could give him hope.

    DESIREE: To destroy it. Twice.

    JONATHAN: Liza is doctor and they could try.

    DESIREE: Why she didn’t propose it to you?

    JONATHAN: It was many years ago. Science is different now. And Arthur could has children.

    DESIREE: Angela, after operation? Did she share something new with you?

    JONATHAN: Micky. She made a test about husband, not herself. And after it, Micky thinks she... she committed suicide.

    DESIREE: Why now?

    JONATHAN: It have to be special day for it.

    DESIREE: Reason. She two times pretended to have a baby, after that she checked if her husband could has own children.

    JONATHAN: Desiree, it’s a motive to kill her. You are genius.

    DESIREE: Who is our killer?

    JONATHAN: Arthur.

    DESIREE: Why I asked if answer from you is obvious?

    JONATHAN: You agree. I am glad. I need to talk with Micky. It’s murder and Brown will paid for it.

    Jonathan exits.

    DESIREE: Why she checked about children now? Why now?


    Scene 22.


    Jonathan and Micky enter.

    MICKY: I allow that’s sound odd. But it’s not a motive to kill her.

    JONATHAN: He could have kids, she didn’t.

    MICKY: Yes. Like you said, after that obsession with family and children... Angela regretted that she spoiled Arthur’s life. In redemption of done – two false pregnancy, she committed suicide. I was right.

    JONATHAN: She couldn’t. It’s he.

    MICKY: Why?

    JONATHAN: He suspects something. He made a test. Arthur made a test.

    MICKY: Listen to yourself. If Angela was twice pregnant – he doesn’t need to test his ability.

    JONATHAN: If she shocked him with truth.

    MICKY: About?

    JONATHAN: She had feeling of not right and told him everything. And he was angry and pushed her down, she was dead. End of the story.

    MICKY: Both.

    JONATHAN: What both?

    MICKY: He should be angry at both of them.

    JONATHAN: Whom?

    MICKY: If mother helped Angela to cheat Arthur...

    JONATHAN: He was afraid after first murder.

    MICKY: Or wait to plan second. I don’t know how, but his dearest mother is participated.

    JONATHAN: We could catch him at second attempt.

    MICKY: If you are wrong.

    JONATHAN: I am right.

    MICKY: I didn’t hear a former policeman, I heard Angela’s lover.

    JONATHAN: I could be right.

    MICKY: Yes. And as suspects we will add her two close girlfriends.

    JONATHAN: Angela told them truth.

    MICKY: Which time?

    JONATHAN: Angela is my... was my wife. I know she never committed suicide.

    MICKY: Where is your wife, present wife, Desiree?

    JONATHAN: I send her home to Ben and Bertha.

    MICKY: It’s great risk. We haven’t enough information.

    JONATHAN: We just ask, if he knew.

    MICKY: You’ll tell him about yourself.

    JONATHAN: If it will be necessary, yes. We need to find Angela’s killer.

    MICKY: It was suicide.

    JONATHAN: Wasn’t.


    Scene 23.

    Angela’s studio.

    Desiree looks at photos on the table.

    DESIREE: Tomorrow, I will return home.

    Enters Liza.

    LIZA: Desiree, can I help you?

    DESIREE: It’s you, Liza. I was expecting Arthur.

    LIZA: All his voice mail now at my phone, he is so upset.

    DESIREE: Of course.

    LIZA: You said you found something.

    DESIREE: Yes. Arthur gave me folder with sketches.

    LIZA: Anything wrong.

    DESIREE: Not. I found inside of it credit card and it was Angela’s credit card.

    Desiree searches inside purse, than give card to Liza.

    DESIREE: Arthur is her husband and it belongs to him. I immediately thought about returning card.

    LIZA: Very nice of you. Thank you. It was usual problem with Angela, she lost them, painted. Artist in one world. Something else?

    DESIREE: No. I just thought...

    LIZA: To meet Arthur once more.

    DESIREE: Me? No.

    LIZA: I know. Women can’t forget him. Like his father. Albert was always attractive to women. Till his death. Even when he was ill, nurse fall in love with him.

    DESIREE: I am married.

    LIZA: She also was. Would you drink something?

    DESIREE: No. Thank you. I just planned to give card to Arthur.

    LIZA: And you can’t wait till morning. Have you children, married woman?

    DESIREE: Two. They are sense of my life.

    LIZA: Like for every mother. Arthur could love your children. Like I assume you have clouds in your love paradise.

    DESIREE: Clouds? Storms. Thunderstorms! Arthur could has own children.

    LIZA: Can’t.

    DESIREE: Angela thought differently.

    LIZA: What do you know about that?

    DESIREE: Arthur told me about two times when they tried.

    LIZA: Sad story. Awful, when you can’t help to own blood.

    DESIREE: You could predict it.

    LIZA: How?

    DESIREE: If in first marriage wasn’t any kids.

    LIZA: It’s different in every case. You should know it, Desiree Green.

    DESIREE: Verde. You are wrong, I am Verde.

    LIZA: I know. Angela liked to be Emerald’s Queen. Green to remember about him. Green as beautiful stone.

    DESIREE: Sorry, you confuse me with someone else.

    LIZA: What did you want to say Arthur? Do you have right to tell him?

    DESIREE: I don’t get it. I came only because of credit card.

    LIZA: Do you think I’m blind?

    DESIREE: You are too upset.

    LIZA: I recognize that gaze. Curiosity and disgust, the same glance was at her face. When she told me. You want to tell that Arthur.

    DESIREE: I have no idea.

    LIZA: You forced my Arthur to ask questions. Mother, she couldn’t. Every time when you visit this studio, his heart was broken. Mother, she couldn’t.

    DESIREE: I believe in your grief, but I think you are wrong in I don’t know what.

    LIZA: Shoes. Your shoes.

    DESIREE: What about?

    LIZA: You put them near the stairs, below. Walked only barefoot.

    DESIREE: Steps seems dangerous for heels.

    LIZA: Angela believed in that also. When she was a child she fell from stairs in mother’s shoes, Arthur told me yesterday. After all ended, I put shoes on her. She could fell from stairs.

    DESIREE: Arthur remembered that Angela didn’t...

    LIZA: No. He didn’t. It was your who awake this memories.

    DESIREE: I will be quiet.

    LIZA: You will.

    DESIREE: It was an incident.

    LIZA: She said that I am a monster, because I did it to my son. I didn’t want pathology. If will be pathology they will search. Search and found.

    DESIREE: Good that Jonathan doesn’t hear it. I agree with Angela. Did that to your son? Look at his grief. How could you?

    LIZA: For his sake, he is healthy and that is miracle..

    DESIREE: Angela tested and knew that Arthur could had children, you was lying to her.

    LIZA: In what?

    DESIREE: I think it was sad story in which you protect your son and wanted that he never knew that can’t have children.

    LIZA: Angela was beautiful. She felt pity to Arthur and than even loved him, in her way. You forgot only one detail.

    DESIREE: Which?

    LIZA: Last Angela’s word was: why? When you will ask it?

    DESIREE: Bureaucracy.

    LIZA: Sorry?

    DESIREE: Inside folder of sketches also was address with key on it. Angela hoped, Arthur will find it first. My jealousy connect it with Jonathan. I received mail instead of Angela. I know why.

    LIZA: Give it to me.

    DESIREE: I didn’t bring it here.

    LIZA: You planned to blackmail Arthur.

    DESIREE: No. I wanted to give him a key, but changed my mind few times. I don’t know if he deserves it. But now this will need police. Motive.

    LIZA: What is that? How could I believe you?

    DESIREE: Birth certificates. Two. Yours and Albert’s.

    LIZA: Why?

    DESIREE: Because wasn’t marriage certificate. Angela dig deeper.

    LIZA: Give it to me.

    DESIREE: In another way what?

    LIZA: Money! I will give you money. My Arthur won’t know about it.

    DESIREE: About what? Murder of his wife? Or better about his daddy Albert who wasn’t only his daddy?

    Scene 24.

    Enter Arthur, Jonathan and Micky.

    ARTHUR: What about daddy?

    LIZA: Don’t listen to her. She planned it.

    ARTHUR: Desiree. Why?

    LIZA: She is Jonathan’s wife. Jonathan is first husband of your Angela. They planned all this. Don’t believe her.

    DESIREE: I agree. Better I will tell Arthur about Angela’s death. Ups. I can’t tell that without mentioning Albert. Sorry, Liza.

    LIZA: I will kill you.

    Liza throws herself on Desiree and starts to strangle her. Micky saves Desiree, puts handcuffs on Liza’s hands.

    ARTHUR: What’s going on here?

    JONATHAN: Yes, Desiree. Arthur is our killer.

    ARTHUR: Since when and of whom?

    DESIREE: I am afraid it’s Liza.

    LIZA: Angela knew it. She made gentle hints. All this paintings. Me and Albert in all this paintings.

    MICKY: Which paintings?

    LIZA: Last one.

    JONATHAN: Copied work with your face in Jean Louis Theodore Gericault The Kiss and Anthony van Dyck Amor and Psyche.

    LIZA: It was obvious.

    DESIREE: She haven’t an idea. She just painted usual faces, she can’t invent new.

    LIZA: And portraits, sketches with little Arthur. Everywhere was my face.

    DESIREE: Which you erased.

    LIZA: She suspected. You are lying to me. That she didn’t knew.

    ARTHUR: What’s going on?

    LIZA: Don’t listen to her. Don’t.

    DESIREE: He will learn during the process.

    LIZA: You haven’t evidences.

    DESIREE: I have.

    MICKY: Show.

    DESIREE: They are in safe place.

    MICKY: Where?

    DESIREE: In Jonathan’s suit in pocket for cigarettes.

    JONATHAN: I never use it.

    DESIREE: I remember.

    MICKY: Give it to me.

    LIZA: Better without Arthur.

    DESIREE: It would be not good.

    ARTHUR: My mother is in handcuffs, wife is dead. What could be worth?

    DESIREE: Truth.

    JONATHAN: Desiree, dear, you really think that Arthur is not our killer.

    MICKY: Sorry, Jonathan, but this papers are real.

    ARTHUR: What is that?

    Arthur reads papers.

    ARTHUR: Birth certificate of mother and father. Why?

    MICKY: Attention at names of parents.

    ARTHUR: Arthur and Angela Brown. I don’t understand, both time. It’s just a mistake.

    DESIREE: You already heard it: Angela and Arthur, believed it sounds great. With others women from support club it won’t worked. It was a sign, because of that you chose her.

    LIZA: It’s not a crime.

    MICKY: What searched Angela after test?

    DESIREE: Answer to why. Marriage certificate, particularly.

    ARTHUR: What test?

    JONATHAN: That you could have kids.

    ARTHUR: I know. We had tragedy with Angela. Two times.

    JONATHAN: Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s me with Angela who had two tragedies before you are married.

    ARTHUR: Four times.

    MICKY: Were twice, before operation.

    ARTHUR: I don’t understand.

    JONATHAN: When she was with you, she pretended. She remembered what to repeat and acted.

    ARTHUR: It can’t be. Mother was near Angela both times, why mother will lie to me.

    MICKY: After tests Angela also tried to find out this.

    DESIREE: Why your mother didn’t want kids from you?

    ARTHUR: It’s falsehood.

    DESIREE: She checked your birth certificate. Believed that you are adopted or something in it. Then tried to find your parents marriage certificate.

    MICKY: It wasn’t any. In our country can’t be married brother and sister.

    LIZA: It wasn’t a sin, we loved each other.

    ARTHUR: Mother!

    LIZA: We were happy with your father.

    ARTHUR: Mother!

    MICKY: Father and uncle in one person. I can’t understand why Angela tried to find out everything at first place.

    ARTHUR: I get it. Letter.

    JONATHAN: What?

    ARTHUR: On mail was message... “I am pregnant from your husband”. I think after it she became very sad till her death.

    LIZA: I will go to the jail because of one nerd. I don’t say a word without my lawyer. Desiree is involved.

    DESIREE: And shoes?

    LIZA: What?

    ARTHUR: Angela never wore stilettos on this stairs.

    MICKY: She won’t wear them. Police came to conclusion that you put them, after find her, that nobody will think...

    ARTHUR: About what?

    MICKY: About suicide.

    LIZA: Don’t believe them. I will win. It was accident. Arthur I will explain you everything. I love you.

    ARTHUR: Mother, don’t you think that your love is murderous.

    LIZA: Arthur!

    MICKY: In police station.

    ARTHUR: I will go with her. She is still my mother and I have to learn about her mistakes.

    Arthur and Micky with Liza exit.

    DESIREE: Will you forgive me?

    JONATHAN: For what?

    DESIREE: Arthur is not our killer.

    JONATHAN: We need to go home, to kids. Angela will stay in past.

    Jonathan and Desiree exit.


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