Katerina Aksonova. Haunted Halloween.


    More about play.

    idea 5.10.2015

    written 6.10.205


    Lilith – actress, witch.

    Gordon – event organizer.

    Teresa – ghost.

    Stefan – ghost, Teresa’s lover.

    Bernard – actor.

    Guests of haunted house:





    Scene 1.

    Living room in haunted house with huge fireplace.

    Music Mussorgsky, Night on bald Mountain.

    Enter man and woman in contemporary clothes.

    LILITH: Lilith, are you serious?

    GORDON: You never worked on such events. Not your level.

    LILITH: Yes, Gordon. And if I am an actress I will be Lilith.

    GORDON: It’s perfect name for witch.

    LILITH: You wrote this script.

    GORDON: No. People generally like it.

    LILITH: Fine, Lilith, witch of this haunted house. Are you sure that fortune telling on cards is necessary on Halloween?

    GORDON: It’s inside bill. They would like it.

    LILITH: Party for four people.

    GORDON: Yes. It have to stay in theirs memory and Tarot reading is part of it.

    LILITH: Stop. In my contract wasn’t Tarot reading.

    GORDON: Was. Fortune telling on cards and you signed it.

    LILITH: I do. But I prefer Lenormand cards.

    GORDON: Why?

    LILITH: Switch on your brain and figure out. You are organizer of events.

    GORDON: Are you afraid of supernatural?

    LILITH: I am practicable. Lenormand is 36 cards. Tarot is 78 cards. What is easy to remember?

    GORDON: I am looking forward your prophecies.

    LILITH: Everything will be fine. For two weeks I was working in salon of black magic. No one noticed difference. I am competent person.

    GORDON: Hope you are. Any questions about script?

    LILITH: Except name.

    GORDON: You have to remember story.

    LILITH: Yes, about that. Girl, woman, ghost. Who will play her if I will work with audience?

    GORDON: I gave description, where we are. If she didn’t find herself, I will meet actress on my way from here.

    LILITH: Man of her dreams. Who will play him?

    GORDON: Bernard James, I saw on CV, you worked with him, in times when he had a work.

    LILITH: You mean Bernard, who worked with me as pirate in theme park last summer and was jobless since than, as far as I know.

    GORDON: Yes, I am glad that you remember him.

    LILITH: I wish I forget. If I am a witch, maybe we could stab him or poison, just for public’s entertainment.

    GORDON: Without amateur plot, on script. In tree o’clock in the morning he will reunite with his abandoned love and everyone will be drunk for that moment. By the way, emptiness of bar will reflect on your bonuses.

    LILITH: I hope you prepared enough drink, because I’ll persuade them.

    GORDON: And music. Don’t you think it’s too much?

    LILITH: What else do we have?

    GORDON: How about that?

    Antonio Vivaldi, Autumn plays.

    LILITH: Do you want fear or party for kids?

    GORDON: Something lighter at the beginning.

    Camille Saint-Saёns, Dance Macabre plays.

    LILITH: Could be. It have to be romantic, not horror.

    GORDON: Yes. They tired of cut extremities. They want story.

    LILITH: Fine. They will receive story. Teresa waited for her loved one, what-is-his-name.

    GORDON: Stefan. And the night when she run away from home she spent here.

    LILITH: He didn’t came, how it usual for men.

    GORDON: No one knows what happened. Why they are not together? According to legend he find her dead and became dead himself, because of lost. When passerby searched for people to help, bodies vanished.

    LILITH: Who lived in this house?

    GORDON: Sorry?

    LILITH: She can’t came in house where people live and stay all night.

    GORDON: Teresa? House was empty.

    LILITH: Did it haunted before?

    GORDON: What?

    LILITH: House. And Teresa with her love, Stefan, used it.

    GORDON: I spend here more than ten parties and no one asked such silly questions.

    LILITH: You say that you need a story. I ask questions.

    GORDON: You have to learn your lines, Lilith. You will manage everything yourself. I will check our guests arrival and actors. See you soon. Remember about emptiness of bar.

    LILITH: I will.

    Gordon exits.

    Scene 2.

    LILITH: I will. I will manage all myself. At first I’ll change a music.

    Grieg, In the Hall of the Mountain king plays.

    LILITH: That’s mood for my witchcraft.

    Enters Teresa, pale woman in shabby clothes.

    LILITH: Oh God, you scared me.

    TERESA: I didn’t want to.

    LILITH: If you are ghost it’s your work. You didn’t mind if I’ll call you Teresa from the beginning.

    TERESA: You know my name.

    LILITH: I always read script beforehand. To smooth work I propose to call me from the start Lilith or witch.

    TERESA: As you say.

    LILITH: Gordon, you had missed him for few moments.

    TERESA: Who is Gordon?

    LILITH: Event organizer. Did he give you a script?

    TERESA: No.

    LILITH: Expected.

    TERESA: Why you are here?

    LILITH: You know story about Teresa who waited for Stefan and no one find their bodies.

    TERESA: Yes.

    LILITH: Fine. Less to explain. We are here to reunite you and Stefan.

    TERESA: Are you?

    LILITH: Yes. At three o’clock in the morning, or when our guests will be drunk, we’ll create circle of love and you with Stefan will be together, forever.

    TERESA: You have to be experienced witch to make it.

    LILITH: I will achieve it at first shot. By the way, don’t you think it’s bad for your skin.

    TERESA: What?

    LILITH: Grease paint, make-up, too much.

    TERESA: I look like that. I am a ghost.

    LILITH: I know. Better to start in costume, it helps. Now I’ll change also. Clients could arrive any minute. When come Bernard tell him that he owe me next century as excuses for his behaviour.

    TERESA: Bernard?

    LILITH: Yes, Bernard. I know him for ages. Don’t believe in his smile. He’ll tell you that you are the one for him and after a month he won’t call you back. Remember, I warned you. If you wish you could try to scary him, waiting won’t be so boring.

    Lilith exits.

    Scene 3.

    Enters Bernard.

    BERNARD: Anybody home or everyone already are dead?

    TERESA: Bernard, nice to see you.

    BERNARD: You scared me. Good make-up, really like ghost.

    TERESA: I am.

    BERNARD: Name?

    TERESA: Whose?

    BERNARD: Yours.

    TERESA: Teresa.

    BERNARD: I am Bernard. You already knew it. My fame is came before me. Or, did we met at another work?

    TERESA: I don’t think so.

    BERNARD: Fine. Who else is in our crew?

    TERESA: Lilith, she is a witch.

    BERNARD: Lilith, stupid name, but artistic. Do you help her? Sorry you are a ghost. Than I am a Stefan.

    TERESA: You are not.

    BERNARD: Could be if you wish.

    Scene 4.

    Enters Lilith in witch’s costume.

    LILITH: I warned you about him, Teresa.

    BERNARD: I also glad to see you, my dear, you look the same. Years have pity on you.

    LILITH: If you guess my name you’ll receive friend’s kiss.

    BERNARD: I will. Your name is rare as your beauty. Lilith, like sin.

    LILITH: Failed. You talked with Teresa.

    TERESA: He did.

    LILITH: Teresa you’ll hide till visitors will come and I start to call your spirit.

    TERESA: And Stefan.

    BERNARD: I’ll be him.

    LILITH: You have to change outfit at first. Don’t be afraid any fencing here.

    TERESA: It’s not good.

    BERNARD: It will work, I am professional.

    Teresa shakes her head and exits.

    Scene 5.

    BERNARD: I don’t like when actor is deep in character from beginning.

    LILITH: Teresa prepared. Did you read a script?

    BERNARD: Eternal love, haunted house, Halloween. Yes, I need money. I lost all promised roles in last year. You know how it happen. Refuse to one project and than bad luck.

    LILITH: Costume is in room, third door on the left. You also will be not here till I’ll call you as Stefan’s spirit.

    BERNARD: Now you have a main role.

    LILITH: I have a script in my hand. Where is yours?

    BERNARD: I remember about circle of love and union with my darling.

    LILITH: Not bad.

    Sound of phone ring off-stage.

    BERNARD: Witch, I think it’s yours.

    LILITH: I planned to put it on mute mode. I did it.

    Lilith runs from stage.

    Scene 6.

    BERNARD: I don’t like when didn’t remember names of previous. I had to call to mind who is she.

    Enters Teresa.

    TERESA: You are still here.

    BERNARD: I now will walk and change to costume. Third door on the left, like told Lilith.

    TERESA: You never listen to women.

    BERNARD: Why?

    TERESA: Third door on the right, I’ll show you.

    J.S. Bach, Toccata and Figure in D minor plays.

    Teresa and Bernard exit.

    Scene 7.

    Enter participants of the party: Anna, Fabiana, Carlos and Douglas.

    CARLOS: Hope it is here.

    ANNA: Taxi driver said we are on place.

    DOUGLAS: Old and enough horrible.

    FABIANA: Like was in advertisement.

    DOUGLAS: Ghosts! We are here.

    ANNA: Misplaced witticism.

    CARLOS: We came to party. Relax.

    FABIANA: It will be unforgettable.

    Scene 8.

    Enters Lilith.

    Grieg, In the Hall of the Mountain king plays.

    LILITH: Welcome to our haunted home. This night will be exceptional.

    CARLOS: We paid for that.

    LILITH: Paid? My magic bring you here in particular Halloween night.

    FABIANA: Who are you?

    LILITH: I am witch, Lilith. Tonight in that haunted house we will unite two ghosts who hope for rest together.

    ANNA: I was waiting for fortune teller.

    LILITH: All be on time. Before you enter to your rooms you’ll tell me yours names, like I told you mine.

    DOUGLAS: If you are witch, figure out by yourself. We know where to find our rooms, we received plan.

    With laugh Anna, Fabiana, Carlos and Douglas exit.

    LILITH: They aren’t going to cooperate. Where is Bernard?

    Scene 9.

    Enters Stefan, man of different figure from Bernard.

    LILITH: You are good actor, Bernard. I didn’t recognize you at this costume. A bit too pale in face. Don’t you think?

    STEFAN: Who are you?

    LILITH: I am Lilith, witch of this place, if you forget a script. Stop with it, Bernard.

    STEFAN: My name is Stefan. Who is Bernard?

    LILITH: I get it. You didn’t remember my name. Fine. For that night we will be Lilith and Stefan.

    STEFAN: For that night?

    LILITH: Till morning, when I’ll unite you with Teresa.

    STEFAN: Can you do it?

    LILITH: Yes, if it was in script.

    STEFAN: Tell truth.

    Stefan grabs Lilith’s wrist.

    LILITH: I told. You are crazy. Why your hands are cold?

    STEFAN: I am sorry. I was afraid it will be empty promise.

    LILITH: It won’t. I always play by script. Till morning I will unite Stefan and Teresa. Before that time you will be quiet. I’ll call your spirit to show in front of our tourists.

    STEFAN: Why they need me?

    LILITH: You need them. Who will create a circle of love to unite you two? Go, now go. They will arrive any minute. You have to act sudden emerge.

    STEFAN: You promise, Lilith.

    LILITH: I guarantee. Go.

    Stefan exits.

    Scene 10.

    LILITH: Bernard became different when in character. Hands. How he made hands so cold? I hope he will invent by himself to touch that spoiled public, I want them scream. Scream in haunted house.

    I’ll begin with fog and crazy laugh. From them I need desire to drink.

    Remember about cards. Cards are in the pocket. I’ll show them reading which they don’t forget.

    Lilith opens box and starts fog.

    Scene 11.

    Enters Anna.

    ANNA: Was it smell of fire?

    LILITH: It was energy which you awaken when came.

    Enters Fabiana.

    FABIANA: Someone closed me in the room. It was chilling.

    LILITH: It’s house with ghost, you have to be bloodcurdling.

    Enters Douglas.

    DOUGLAS: Why is so cold in the room?

    Enters Carlos.

    CARLOS: All fireplaces blocked, I checked.

    LILITH: I am glad that you all came here.

    ANNA: We will freeze to death.

    LILITH: It’s haunted house, but alcoholic beverages are inside next room. You won’t be cold.

    CARLOS: I like our witch.

    DOUGLAS: I’ll go and bring something.

    FABIANA: I am with you.

    ANNA: And me.

    DOUGLAS: We all. Witch are you with us?

    LILITH: I’ll wait for you here.

    Anna, Fabiana, Carlos and Douglas exit.

    LILITH: Idea with closed fireplaces is great. Gordon made his work. The more they drank, the better is for me.

    Scene 12.

    Enters Teresa.

    TERESA: Are they already here?

    LILITH: Again you scared me. Walk noiselessly, like ghost. They came. Wait till I ask you to enter.

    TERESA: Will it be soon?

    LILITH: As soon as they drank something. Don’t you suffer because of coldness in this house?

    TERESA: I never noticed a difference.

    LILITH: Fireplaces are closed.

    TERESA: They are for a long time.

    LILITH: You were here before.

    TERESA: Once. Only once I find a way here. Where is Stefan?

    LILITH: I saw him. He will be on time.

    TERESA: Good, I’ll wait for him.

    Teresa exits.

    Scene 13.

    LILITH: She definitely read a script. Remember name, Stefan. I heard laught, they return.

    Anna, Fabiana, Carlos and Douglas enter.

    CARLOS: Now is much better.

    ANNA: Now is warmer.

    LILITH: We came here at that night to connect two souls. I am witch Lilith and I call ghost of Teresa. What are you waiting for, people?

    FABIANA: You tell us.

    LILITH: Do you want to see a ghost?

    CARLOS: Yes. We came here for that.

    LILITH: Say it, call her.

    DOUGLAS: I am Douglas and I call the ghost of Teresa.

    LILITH: Courageous, next.

    ANNA: Anna calls the ghost of Teresa to come.

    FABIANA: Fabiana asks ghost of Teresa to come.

    CARLOS: Carlos waits to encounter ghost of Teresa.

    From the light fog enters Teresa.

    CARLOS: Wow, impressive.

    LILITH: I am witch Lilith, ghost, tell us who you are.

    TERESA: I am Teresa. I remain here for many years. I can’t walk away. I wait when Stefan came and we unite in one. It was so cold when I wait for him. It was dark night, he didn’t appear. I listen to all rustles. I cried all my tears. I remembered all his words. I cursed all his kisses. He didn’t came and I wait him till now. Will you help me to be with Stefan?

    CARLOS: I am much better than he, choose me.

    ANNA: Stop. You’ll spoil all.

    FABIANA: We’ll help you, ghost. Trust us.

    CARLOS: If man wants he came at once, if not he’ll find excuses.

    TERESA: You are evil.

    Teresa rushes from the stage.

    CARLOS: What did I say?

    FABIANA: Too much.

    LILITH: You saw a ghost, our work is unite her with Stefan. Everyone received instructions what to do. I wait first to whom tell the future.

    ANNA: Could we change arrangement?

    LILITH: Anyone ready to help Anna?

    DOUGLAS: We have own schedule.

    LILITH: I see. You’ll be first, Anna.

    ANNA: How do you know I am first?

    LILITH: I am witch, remember.

    Fabiana, Carlos and Douglas exit.

    Scene 14.

    Lilith puts on the floor her cloak and starts to shuffle the cards. Lilith sits on the edge of cloak.

    LILITH: Sit near me. Don’t be afraid.

    ANNA: I thought it will be Tarot.

    LILITH: I favour Lenormand.

    ANNA: Bizarre.

    LILITH: Uncanny that you are here.

    ANNA: Me?

    LILITH: It’s not routine for you, such holiday.

    ANNA: Yes. It’s new for me.

    LILITH: Now we’ll discover. First card. Letter.

    ANNA: It can’t be.

    LILITH: Cards don’t lie. It’s people. Like you. What are you checking here?

    ANNA: It was spontaneous decision.

    LILITH: Cross. I see. Religion.

    ANNA: I don’t believe in ghosts.

    LILITH: You found a letter in church.

    ANNA: Why?

    LILITH: Letter, cross. What else could it be?

    ANNA: Book.

    LILITH: Sorry?

    ANNA: I work in antiquarian bookshop. It was prayer-book with letter.

    LILITH: Yes. Like I said, letter, cross.

    ANNA: You surmised.

    LILITH: Not me, it’s cards. Tell what you require.

    ANNA: You are witch, Lilith, not me.

    LILITH: Fine. Next try. This time two cards. Ring and Anchor. Exact.

    ANNA: I don’t know how. You are correct.

    LILITH: I am? I am! Tell all.

    ANNA: It was letter from sailor to his fiancé.

    LILITH: And your adventure is to find everything yourself.

    ANNA: He wrote that in cold night entered to this place and in a big room, maybe in this room, was enormous fireplace and on the walls were marks of fire.

    LILITH: Fire?

    ANNA: Yes. He liked house and after three month he came here again. All fireplaces were blocked and any marks of fire.

    LILITH: Someone bought a house.

    ANNA: Without fireplaces?

    LILITH: That’s why you was ready to cold. You know about fireplaces.

    ANNA: Yes.

    LILITH: What about other holidaymakers?

    ANNA: I have no idea. Not even an acquaintance. I met them on railway station.

    LILITH: And you didn’t talk.

    ANNA: We waited for event organizer.

    LILITH: Gordon.

    ANNA: He was late. Rain began. We catch a taxi and came here.

    LILITH: I didn’t hear about fire. Bodies weren’t found. Bones?

    ANNA: Yours Teresa is terribly pale.

    LILITH: You hope to solve a mystery and believe in ghost.

    ANNA: I know that you are an actress, not a witch.

    LILITH: Try me.

    ANNA: Next two cards.

    LILITH: Bear and Key.

    ANNA: You are witch. It’s all real. I store key from my safe in bear on my table.

    Anna runs from stage.

    LILITH: And you are gulllible.

    Scene 15.

    Enters Fabiana.

    FABIANA: I noticed that you finished with her.

    LILITH: Sit and I’ll tell you why you are here.

    FABIANA: Try.

    LILITH: Gentleman and Rider.

    FABIANA: We met in the stable. He convinced that I am petrified at everything.

    LILITH: You are here to prove him wrong.

    FABIANA: I want that he will see how fearless I am.

    LILITH: Don’t explain. I am a witch. Cards will reveal me. Garden. Not good. Coffin. What is this? Crossroads.

    FABIANA: He is such a jerk. We were there.

    LILITH: Where?

    FABIANA: On the crossroads, at one end of garden is coffin made of stone. He insisted that I saw it.

    LILITH: I was near your story.

    FABIANA: He is unbending.

    LILITH: Let me see. Dog.

    FABIANA: Yes. He will do it.

    LILITH: I hope so.

    FABIANA: He promised. If I spend one night here, he’ll buy puppy for me. Douglas sometimes could be such a sweet boy.

    LILITH: This Douglas?

    FABIANA: Yes.

    LILITH: I wish you forbearance and dog.

    FABIANA: Thank you.

    Fabiana exits.

    Scene 16.

    LILITH: If they became heavy drunk I could make that union earlier, too cold is here. Boyfriend who plan exam on heroic behaviour. Letter from sailor. At least I predict what wait from Douglas.

    Enters Carlos.

    CARLOS: I think it’s me, who will be next.

    LILITH: Sit and I’ll tell you truth.

    CARLOS: I know you.

    LILITH: My face you see in every river.

    CARLOS: No. I know you. Last summer you worked in thematic park. It was unpleasant moment with a man. Remember, actor who can’t fence. You put him inside barrel and pushed down a steep road.

    LILITH: Not me. Was you the one who helped him?

    CARLOS: I supported your escape and said wrong direction.

    LILITH: It was a part of show.

    CARLOS: Police officer don’t think so.

    LILITH: Bernard never made an official statement.

    CARLOS: I knew it was you.

    LILITH: Can I tell you a future?

    CARLOS: Yes, you can.

    LILITH: Now cards will tell me. Heart. One more. Moon. Do you need this fortune telling?

    CARLOS: Of course. You have an answer to my future.

    LILITH: Me? Maybe cards.

    CARLOS: In this year I visited thirty two such parties.

    LILITH: Why?

    CARLOS: I thought after last year incident you’ll try work on such parties, not recognizable, till everything will calm down. And at least I found you.

    LILITH: Are you maniac?

    CARLOS: No. I just like your temper.

    LILITH: And you dropped in costume parties?

    CARLOS: Yes, where I could meet you, with actors involved.

    LILITH: What for?

    CARLOS: We could start from a dinner in quiet place and I’ll tell you about my searching.

    LILITH: What?

    CARLOS: If you have someone. Of course, you have, such a stupid of me. I just believed in dream. Guilty. Ashamed.

    Carlos stands up.

    LILITH: Deep breeze.

    CARLOS: What?

    LILITH: Make a deep breeze. You told me craziest story which I ever heard. I won’t stay in debt. I take a chance and agree to have dinner with you.

    CARLOS: Tomorrow.

    LILITH: Why not? Better breakfast. Hot breakfast.

    CARLOS: Yes. I’ll arrange that.

    Carlos exits.

    LILITH: I like your temper. Not everyone remember my name!

    Scene 17.

    Enters Douglas.

    DOUGLAS: I think that I am last who didn’t hear your prediction.

    LILITH: Cards already expose all. Lady. Dog. Garden. Coffin. Rider. Do you want more details?

    DOUGLAS: Not bad for fake witch.

    LILITH: Fake?

    DOUGLAS: Not real.

    LILITH: Scary a girl to buy her a dog. You are fake and ill.

    DOUGLAS: Who plays Teresa?

    LILITH: No comments.

    DOUGLAS: You see her at first time.

    LILITH: What is your target?

    DOUGLAS: You use cards as props. Why not Tarot?

    LILITH: Because...

    DOUGLAS: Truth!

    LILITH: In Lenormand are less cards to remember.

    DOUGLAS: Dilettante.

    LILITH: How cards help you?

    DOUGLAS: You encounter Teresa only here. You never saw her before. I share what cards describe to me. Death. The Devil. The Lovers. Ten of Swords.

    LILITH: Two dead here. I don’t need cards for that.

    DOUGLAS: It’s all because of bones.

    LILITH: Bones?

    DOUGLAS: That passerby. He found them.

    LILITH: Whom?

    DOUGLAS: Teresa and Stefan.

    LILITH: Where?

    DOUGLAS: Here.

    LILITH: How do you know?

    DOUGLAS: I spend five years to find out.

    LILITH: It’s not your first visit here.

    DOUGLAS: Yes. I saw the Magician card and realize what to do.

    LILITH: What? If you ready open to me.

    DOUGLAS: I choose to fetch all. I involve witch.

    LILITH: Your script.

    DOUGLAS: Mine. Everything should be real. We need at least three innocent souls.

    LILITH: Innocent souls?

    DOUGLAS: People who have no idea what’s going on.

    LILITH: What’s going on?

    DOUGLAS: Teresa is real ghost and today we unite her with Stefan. You just need to create bond and they connect.

    LILITH: Daily work.

    DOUGLAS: I choose that you know in advance. You’ll give more power to link. You will do it.

    LILITH: You can count on me.

    DOUGLAS: I hope for it. I expect it.

    Douglas exits.

    LILITH: Poor Fabiana. The man is crazy.

    Scene 18.

    Lilith opens powder compact.

    LILITH: I also pale enough.

    Enters Stefan.

    STEFAN: You prepared for circle.

    Lilith twitches when turns to him, spills powder on the floor.

    LILITH: Yes. I already begin to make a sacred circle.

    STEFAN: Good.

    LILITH: You scared me. After Douglas’ speech I am better avoid Teresa.

    STEFAN: When you’ll finish, she’ll gone.

    LILITH: Hope so. I am tired of this story.

    STEFAN: I’ll assemble everyone.

    LILITH: Remember, you are ghost, they didn’t suppose to see you.

    STEFAN: I’ll do my best.

    Stefan exits.

    LILITH: Bernard still could be helpful, when he wants.

    Scene 19.

    Enter Anna, Fabiana, Carlos and Douglas.

    LILITH: You all are here, I am glad. Spirit gathered you.

    ANNA: It was too real.

    DOUGLAS: I told you.

    LILITH: Where were you?

    FABIANA: In a bar.

    LILITH: Good, now we’ll begin a circle. It’s time. Everyone, hand in hand. I call a spirit of Teresa. When you are ready, you’ll come, ghost.

    Enters Teresa.

    CARLOS: She utterly can’t wait.

    TERESA: I am here.

    LILITH: Stay inside the circle, we’ll call Stefan.

    TERESA: You haven’t enough power.

    DOUGLAS: We have. Three innocent souls.

    LILITH: And one jerk. Stay in the circle, Teresa.

    Teresa stays in the middle of the circle.

    LILITH: We call you, Stefan, now. Come here. We are strong and will unite you with Teresa.

    Stefan enters.

    TERESA: Stefan!

    STEFAN: Stay in the circle. I’ll come.

    LILITH: Stay in the circle. On script.

    Stefan stands near Teresa.

    TERESA: You are here. You are here. I waited for you. Was so cold.

    STEFAN: I came. But was too late. I inflamed the fireplace and we were together in fire.

    TERESA: Was so cold.

    LILITH: Why I skipped this page?

    TERESA: Now we are together.

    STEFAN: This time for ever.

    TERESA: Lilith, I don’t know how to thank you.

    LILITH: It’s my job.

    TERESA: I don’t need this any more.

    Teresa takes off from her neck a sparkling necklace, puts on Lilith’s neck.

    TERESA: Take it.

    LILITH: Thank you.

    STEFAN: We are together.

    Fog. Everyone start to cough, let go hands.

    Stefan and Teresa disappear.

    CARLOS: Souls are united, we could celebrate!


    Scene 20.

    Lilith, Anna, Fabiana, Carlos and Douglas sit on floor. They are tipsy.

    Enters Gordon.

    GORDON: Good morning, everyone. Hope you have lovely night.

    FABIANA: Why are you so loud?

    GORDON: I saw bar is empty.

    LILITH: I managed it.

    GORDON: I noticed. Stand up everyone, today is also feast in village. Go. Go.

    Anna, Fabiana, Carlos stand up and exit.

    DOUGLAS: It really happened. Pity that you missed it. Very bad. It happens not every day, year or decade. I saw it. I create it.

    Douglas exits.

    GORDON: You worked good.

    LILITH: Thank you.

    GORDON: How did you make it?

    LILITH: Sorry?

    GORDON: I found Bernard, he is drunk. And without second actress.

    LILITH: Without second actress?

    GORDON: Yes. I spend Halloween night in broken car. Any passerby or even a ghost. I can’t reach actress. Huge scandal she made, when my phone starts to work.

    LILITH: Without second actress?

    GORDON: You are great. If you want, I’ll plan next party as treasure search, you could participate.

    LILITH: I will think about it.

    Return Anna, Fabiana, Carlos and Douglas.

    ANNA: Feast in the village.

    CARLOS: Witch, are you with us?

    LILITH: Yes.

    CARLOS: I remember about breakfast.

    LILITH: Very nice.

    Lilith touches her neck, on it is necklace.

    J.Stravinsky, Infernal Dance plays.

    LILITH: Carlos, after breakfast, could we find a jewellery appraiser.

    CARLOS: I can’t promise, but we try.

    Enters Bernard in Stefan’s costume.

    BERNARD: What did Teresa put me in a drink, Lilith?

    GORDON: Who?

    LILITH: Nothing. Nothing special.

    Everyone walk away from stage.

    Lilith stops and turns to the fireplace.

    Near burning fireplace sit Stefan and Teresa, embraced.

    Lilith waves to them.


    October 2015.


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