Kate Aksonova. Cups conversation.


    Fairy-tale for adults.

    - I am the most important cup in this house, - Said Red Cup.

    - Who said that? - Asked Yellow Cup.

    - Life.

    - Life? - Repeated Yellow Cup.

    - Who wakes up first in the morning? - Asked Red Cup.

    - Mother. - Answered Green Cup.

    - Mother. And I am Mother’s favorite cup. I wake up first, without me no one will remember about you.

    - You are probably wakes up first, but I know all news. - Remind Green Cup.

    - You are Father’s cup, you read all newspapers. - Agreed Yellow Cup.

    - And you could more time spend near study books, not near TV. - Said Green Cup.

    - You like father, always believe that I do nothing after school.

    - Remember, Green Cup read all your grades with Father. - Said Red Cup.

    - Than who is main? - Add tiny voice little Blue Cup.

    - To Mother say it’s Mother, to Father say it’s Father. - Said Yellow Cup.

    - To what you teach tiny cups without life experience? - Said Green Cup.

    - It never worked with me, when I try to find understanding with grades, maybe to them help. - Explained itself Yellow Cup.

    - Maybe to spend time on studying? - Said Red Cup.

    - I think it could be possible to give a try to that idea. - Agreed Yellow Cup.

    - I am still in kindergarten. - Remind Blue Cup.

    - I am all the time at home. - Added uncertain voice tiniest Orange Cup.

    - Good. Than you can decide, who is most important from all cups. - Said Red Cup.

    - I? I can’t decide that. - Said Orange Cup.

    - You could try. - Said Yellow Cup.

    - Who do you miss the most? - Asked Blue Cup.

    - I? I? - Said Orange Cup.

    - Don’t be scary. Say it. - Said Green Cup.

    - I like when all cups are on the table, together and all are with warm milk. - Said Orange Cup.

    - Good that this problem we solved. - Said Green Cup.

    - Together. - Agreed Red Cup.

    February -March 2017.

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