Katerina Aksonova.
Play after play.
Winter's night with an angel.


    Play in English Winter's night with an angel.

    This tiny story is attempt to write something simple and romantic. I still experiment with different genres. This story has everything for love story – rose-petals, angel, snowy evening.


    I knitted and sewed costumes and draw sketch of attic with snow.



    I can’t say that it’s my personal dream date, I think it could be cold there. For impression important are real actions not rose-petals, real men knew it.

    Main reason why I wrote this play were wings, everything else came later. When I wrote play “When we need wings” "Коли потрібні крила." in October 2011, I wanted to make poster. For it I needed wings. I visited many shops where I learned that wings are seasonal item and can’t be bought at any time of year. Usual problem with everything. I visited shops and looked for another stuff, asked shop-assistants about wings. Every time “no” was my answer. I asked at each season of year, I can’t find season for wings. Until, one day, I saw this.


    I was happy and asked shop-assistant, why she didn’t tell me about this treasure. Answer was undeniable: “They are not real”. I didn’t explain that I was not planning to tear off real wings from real angel, I bought what I had in hand.


    For play in Ukrainian I invented wings of butterfly with its tenderness.

    ©Катерина Аксьонова

    I didn’t change poster, wings waited for another story. This story is came, no matter that angel’s wings are not real.


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