Katerina Aksonova. Play after play. Until I went away.

    Play Until I went away.

    Do you read play to the end? Yes it was cat’s soliloquies to her owner.

    I never had a cat, but it’s my second text from cat’s point of view. Before it was short story which is still in Russian, as draft. I have intention to translate it. Short story was written 22.05.2008. It was called “Brynhild’s love.”

    This play came to my mind at the night of 20 June, next day I wrote it.

    Despite of cold weather, like for summer night, cats near my window planned to make date and have successfully private life. I was wondering if all that “meow” were words, how they would sound. In case of this two cats – lovely tweeting. But if cat is unhappy... near my bad is always notebook, I used to write all ideas to not forget them in the morning. Light from streets light lamp was enough to write name of story and sketch of poster. So I wrote what I need like in a day and return to bed.

    After I wrote play I read my short story. Few ideas and sentences stay the same. I chose not to translate story, but it’s my pity that in this story cat hasn’t beautiful name Brynhild.

    My tiredness of a lot of reading for preparing serious play give me strength to write something different and tiny.

    I don’t want to write at first line that main character is a cat. I thought it could spoil your compassion.

    Hope you enjoy reading the text, like I was pleased when I wrote it.

    P.S.: This play is not autobiography! Meow.


    Until I went away.

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