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How to get your EX back.


    Text How to get your EX back.

    Like everyone, I hate spam in e-mail, but as writer I believe that inspiration is everywhere, so I read names of letters. Among all stuff which I receive about “how to make money on seedlings”, “how to learn English”, “unforgettable weekend in Lviv”, my favourite part is travel advertisements with my native town as destination.

    Of course, a lot of advice about potency and remedy for snoring, advice for women. In huge amounts there are “three, eight, one important” advice about “how to get your ex back.” I know that about this written thousands of articles in women’s magazines, books, lectures and hell know what else. And with really big pile of rubbish in the my mail-box I thought about magical “what if”. What if woman, which like everyone reads this articles, watches that films starts to panic when waits for her man to pick her up and creates all versions of what she will do if he really left her. Emergency plans came to her, animated thoughts, to prove in the end, she imagined all.

    I think it can be said about every women: we see facts and than we interpret them a lot. When we start to listen how retold the same facts different women (every author of advices) we begin to destroy our emotional stability. We see what is not real and don’t pay attention for what is important.

    I learned, wrote about media literacy, critical acceptance of what we see and read. But when you watch films in the evening you rare could spotted woman who use her brain to solve her problems. She waits for Real man who will safe her and make her whole. Better if he shows her that she is complete already.

    I now will say terrible thing: “Girls, not every man which you’ll find in pond is Mr.Darsy.”

    Woman has all that doubts inside her and she easy became confused when waiting became really awful. Easy to imagine and true in life.


    In poster I made as black time when Carolyn thinks that Mark left her. After and before clock full of love which is in her mind.

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