Katerina Aksonova. Play after play. Pangs of conscience.


    Text in English Pangs of conscience.

    Little play which took me two days for writing. I was working on that play also on my birthday, so for heroine I chose name variation of Kate. And I also need a man’s name with beginning of C. I had two options: Carl and Columbus, so I chose Chrissy.

    Play about pangs of conscience which could create punishment more awful than fault. Guilt and desire of justice could replace real thing which need only honest talk.

    I made Chrissy absolutely panicked person to the bounds of idiocy, I think it makes this story comedy. Trust for person who you love have to be main in relationships.

    Writing fun stories, with a variety of possible incidents, really helps when your heart is crying. It helps to heal pain and forget about wounds for a while.

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