Katerina Aksonova. Play after play. Murderous love.


    Play in English Murderous love.

    First draft of this idea was at June 2006, in December 2007 I was trying to write a script. And now, in November 2015 upload it like play in English.

    In every story have to be a little seed of truth. In this story is tragedy with two extra-uterine pregnancy and marriage more than 40 years after it. Tragedy of two real people, life without kids. In reality mother-in-law didn’t kill anybody and woman who was inspiration in this days is little bit ill. It’s my mother-in-god, now she is 91 years old, her husband dead. I heard this story since childhood, about tragedy, but it wasn’t convenient for story.

    I use really Shakespearian passions: I add murder, blackmail, deception, betrayal and incest with amount of jealousy. I tried not use themes in adaptation, but all they were necessary to plot, I left them how I wrote at first time.

    It wasn’t a translation, I tried to use dialogues, than just retold story with as less characters as possible.


    I used this paintings because wanted to show Angela as good painter who could repeat different styles.


    Entering in the picture I chose as returning to memories.


    I wanted to write first meeting of Jonathan and Angela at French, than thought it is not important for main story.

    Power of imagination made this mystery. I am glad that finished it and decided to add few illustrations, even as collage. For me was important to show that artist’s studio, how I saw it. I checked on-line, were real houses with the same scheme, one of which I used to add details to room, as placement of door.

    Play is not identical to story, but have the same heart, I think it’s enough.

    At least I manage to make text bigger than my usual plays. With new vocabulary came also trust in own abilities.

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