Katerina Aksonova. Play after play. Haunted Halloween.


    Haunted Halloween.

    Halloween decorations which are everywhere on internet played bad joke to my imagination. I know that for holiday we need haunted house, specific music and ghost. All I have in new story.

    Witch I create with doubtful witchcraft’s past, it’s only my fault. When I realized that main heroine is witch I understand that have no idea what to do with her. Some time ago I had idea with witch, but in that story was historical part more important, not her practical knowledge.

    Finding spells was educational. But too real for this light story. Cards it was easy, I thought so. On my bookshelf I found Tarot deck and book. 78 cards. How to learn them fast, when book is on Russian?


    Cards are new, I didn’t use them or learn. In brief, this book with cards was item in my book club, more important was in that pack book about runes which I needed for my based on Scandinavian mythology fantasy.


    Deck of runes cards I bought later in different shop, which really sells a lot of witchcraft items, at least they thought so. I still have dream to write story about that place, interesting environment.

    At a glance I found worst cards in Tarot and used their names in story. I was amazed when found how popular is Tarot’s theme in writer’s life on-line. Maybe, later I also read this book and use new knowledge in my craft.

    I didn’t left idea about cards and found Lenormand mention. Like said my witch, “there are 36 cards”. I knew that found an exit, until saw price of them in our shops. I was upset, but not for long. In supermarket I bought cheapest desk of cards.


    It’s not 3-D it’s quality of it and then I just put on numbers and words which I found on-line.


    If some witches are shocked, they could send me normal cards as gift. It was all I need for story.

    To show that Lilith is good actress I remarked her work in black magic salon. To underline how bad actor is Bernard I didn’t know at first what to do. Than invented that he played pirate and didn’t know how to fence. What other professional skills pirate could have?

    I know that parties for Halloween are big, but I need to tell story and because of this don’t mention costumes for holidaymakers. Like in “Scooby-doo” only without a dog, yes few years we had channel “Cartoon Network” on TV.

    I chose romantic story for that play, my intention wasn’t to make all dead in the end.

    Halloween it’s not habitual holiday for our country. Children now wear costumes on parties. But all is without decorating houses and watching horrors. It’s exotic holiday. On 1st of November in our country usual is to visit cemeteries, at day.

    Hope you’ll enjoy new play with humour, because I don’t like when all too serious and painful, it became life, not fiction.

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