Kate Aksonova. Play after play. Fresh blood.


    Play Fresh blood.

    Main conclusion after finished this story is — revision is important. Only at last revision I noticed that two characters have the same surname and they are not relatives.

    I made a big joke and in play fashion house named “KA”. I hadn't idea how to name it, made sketches and thought it would be good. Character has surname Anderson, so it will be proper. I always start with first letters.

    Next, I am proud of costumes. Maybe it's not best combinations, but I had fan making them. I think that I have right to add my sketches, because it's how I see them when I read my text. Directors could see differently, but it's my opinion, not the rule.

    Appearance of characters, all have explanation. I am not always good in drawing line. So, where I had problems, in final we have beard. If line of face is perfect why to hide it under beard. The same recognizable principle is with hairdress choice. The shorter the better lines. And more creative when I have wrong attempts. Disappointment, that this rules can't be used in drawing women.

    All story is from my imagination. I have no idea who gave money to making clothes. All names and relationships are invented and had nothing common with business of fashion.

    I think too frankly I did when left what wrote about fame, but it's my thoughts, I can't resist it.

    I like to write about courses. On my experience people show themselves differently around unknown environment and it's good for characters development.



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