Katerina Aksonova.
Play after play. Flavour of crime.


      Play in English Flavour of crime.

      Idea of this story from 20.02.2016. I need a month to finish it.

      First, name of restaurant came after work on pictures. I had an idea to put a picture of teapot on the beginning of every scene. I thought, it would be fun to made them all different. Draw costumes of cooks it’s dangerous, I could made the same as in recognizable restaurant, it wasn’t my aim. So I choose something from kitchen and item which could use everyone. I count scenes and than add a poster on which also where teapots. All are forty-four teapots, counting few coffee-pots which are among them.

      Second, on kitchen work a lot of people and I need made stuff abrupt, because I am not chef de cuisine to manage with all of them at once. It’s hard work. I hadn’t prototypes or inspiration from real people, it was just mystery which take place in restaurant. I refuse idea with poisoning, too obvious and a lot of talk about food.

      Third, no receipts in story about kitchen. It was my decision, because in theatre we can’t see every detail. Food have to awake wish to try it. I think audience need a story. Some films give me thought about food, I made a pause and eat something. In theatre it is not what I looked for.

      Forth, this story was challenging for me. Like always I found what is not easy. It’s different language and another universe with own rules. It was interesting, but complicate.

      Fifth, I know that not all argument finish with murder, but it’s mystery story and I need a victim to make it.

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