Katerina Aksonova.
Play after play.
Romeo and Juliet at couples therapy.


    Text in English Romeo and Juliet at couples therapy.

    Idea of play came to my mind 7.08.2015. I rearranged books on shelf and another time saw a book of Shakespeare. I returned to thought about Romeo and Juliet, it can’t be made as story with happy end like a tune. They will have usual problems in life and it won’t be interesting.

    Then came name of play “Romeo and Juliet at couples therapy”. I hope it could be fun, with lot of quotations. But I need couple counsellor and have no idea how they work. When I try to find about that profession I saw an article about problems which had consultants in own life. Till I finished article, I had new concept of play.

    Counsellor also have a personal story with ghost of divorce. That way I receive one more character – Ewan. And my aim was to make both couples capable to stay with partner – gave them hope. All work was just plotting and reading about marriage conflicts, which to my opinion, after reading are very similar. First – problems with money. Second – lack of sincere talking about what do you and your partner need from each other, results depend only of wish to see that.

    I invented name of the book“Traipse inside women’s mind for unapprehensive”. I deeply sorry if for unexplained reason such book exist. I just wanted to create something promising and necessary for my hero.

    In new concept became absolutely unnecessary quotes from play. But I made myself pleasure and had some fun with names from Bard’s works.

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