Katerina Aksonova.
Play after play. Pleading in the night.


      Play in English Pleading in the night.

      This tiny play I wrote based on my short story (2 pages of A4) which was written 8.07.2008 at Russian language.

      I added one more character – Ro, and retell story anew. Elements of fantasy left the same. Problems were at unexpected place – vocabulary of blacksmith.

      About blacksmiths I have few ideas. Most of them need more knowledge in specific words. Again time to translating. I was interested in blacksmith’s craft from time when I wrote about white blade. Everything except katana and machete had different names in English. One more branch of vocabulary which need exploration.

      I easy reuse stories from one language to another. I try to think about that not like about rejected project. Here I use experience of knitting. Sometimes thing which I made became out of date or I get tired of it. I can use threads and make something new, which I like, as this play.

      I chose my photo as poster for that play from one of blacksmith’s exhibitions which was in Lviv.



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