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    Few words about “Hamlet”


    “Hamlet” in Barbican. I didn't visit, but I saw pictures. Reviews is personal and everyone had own perception. Huge, lot of everything. I believe that there are a lot of wit and interesting acting. My first association – I wanted set like that for Tomorrow, after the End of Days devastation, war, hopelessness. It don't suppose to be in bright colours, Hamlet will die. For me it was painful to see it. I am looking in my stories for better than my life. Here I returned to reality, my reality, it's painful. Not every mirror is pleasant.

    I understand why audience liked such pauperization – it's contrasting with their daily life, they have new emotions. When I daily walks near abandoned houses, it's not such an impression. Of course, for me would be interested to see it, how actors played, what changed director, which jazz they created from Bard's words.

    How I dare to write about not seen show? “Picture costs a thousand words”. I didn't wait for happy end, it's Hamlet, for God's sake. But less pain for me I expected.

    It's shockingly that one play could have so many interpretation and to be close for different audience. It's unique text which opens you.

    I wanted to made in play about playwright and director soliloquy about how Hamlet changed life of director. In most it was my feelings, I still don't know if my story needs such heartbreak. Even if it won't be in final text, which is difficult for me in creating, I put quotes here:

    ““Hamlet” play which changed my life. “Hamlet” play which gave me key to English language. “Hamlet” play which gave me new level of understanding my work.

    “Hamlet” play which made operation on you without painkillers. “Hamlet” play which wanted to play every actor for any price. “Hamlet” play which has fee for everyone and fee is equal – tragedy. Tragedy in your life which came from nowhere and destroy to pieces all your previous life.

    “Hamlet” play which took away hope for love and happiness. “Hamlet” story which would be satisfied when you feel the same level of pain, as felt Danish Prince when dying. “Hamlet” play which remind that all your pain and sorrows costs nothing, will came Fortinbras and receive everything.

    “Hamlet” play which leave scars on your heart, pain in your head and christening in profession.

    “Hamlet” is like illness which will kill you or make you stronger. “Hamlet” as life in five acts.”

    “Hamlet” will always be on stage, because we need Danish Prince to recognize yourselves.


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