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    With all my heart I waited for action from dishonest people, for nothing. In internet isn’t pirate video of Hamlet, or there is tiny possibility that I didn’t find it. In our country is no Hamlet. What for?

    I tried to find all that I can about Barbican’s show. Reviews, gifs, except writer’s quotations. Sickly curiosity to theme of performing Hamlet could be measured just with one example. Few times I watched trailer of show by Japanese’s theatre. I don’t know language, but I know Hamlet.

    Puzzle which I tried to put together was most difficult for me. It was trickster position or 50% to 50%. At one hand wasn’t access to me for this show, all problems are together here. At second hand and here it’s really second-hand information which I used. Fans of actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Assiduous women and girls which find every molecule of information. Now it’s difficult to reach all blogs, browser writes an error.

    Next year will be 400 years from Bard’s death and lot of shows will be lost to audience because not every actor has such fan base who will make it accessible for all interested in it people.

    Second-hand information, I remember. If filter all words about curl which mention every human being (I am not against curls or madly for curls, but for God’s sake), it possible to find information about show itself. And huge thanks for all gifs with subtitles. It was very helpful, not every time video worked with image, sometimes it was audio. Collecting this puzzle became a time consuming hobby, which helped to learn many not always polite words in live English language.

    This long introduction exist to explain that I don’t see show in full but I know what’s going on stage. Extracts of show here more suitable. I know that’s not enough, but if people will be law-abiding citizens it’s all that I will know. So it’s final spot. What for wait more? I could wrote what I saw and be quiet later.

    Because of specific of fan’s love I can notice only Benedict Cumberbatch as actor. All company of actors lost in shadows of curtains and it’s difficult to comment them. Parts of play not always were in chronological order, the same my thoughts.

    “Words, words...” count like hilarious scene, because of mocking and grimacing of Hamlet. I wasn’t laughing, maybe it’s not the type of humour. I saw flaunt of sad clown who can’t accept what happened in his life and can’t find a way out.

    Mr. Cumberbatch’s Hamlet is dynamic, choleric. Hamlet wasn’t ready to all that but in his naivety believes that could create a plan of revenge and confident that all his schemes will come true, absolutely forgetting that people are alive and have own ideas and on them you can’t play like on music instrument.

    Outfit was also a big discussion. Like writer I don’t like playing with clothes on stage. I always think if it is really necessary to change clothes and write another scene about nothing to give actors time for change. I know it brings to confusion and pleasure for audience to notice all defects in actor’s costume. Yes, I try to avoid that.

    Hamlet’s insecurity is clearly shown. In all scenes which I saw I didn’t see his domination, I mean he was waiting what another people say, how they react. His plan has many steps but few correct decisions. He plays madness not real but his uncertainty closes everything. He believes in lot, but few of his ideas connected with real life.

    I can’t say nothing about scene of Hamlet’s death, saw only photos. My computer, like me, don’t like sad ending, every time when it came to that scene he stopped to play video. In his (computer’s) universe Hamlet stayed alive.

    About difference in perception of reality from person who don’t know what is war and people who experienced that I can’t add my independent opinion. Disturbs memories of evenings and nights when it was recommended to switch off lights in houses in Lviv when we waited for air raids. It’s different view on life when no light on streets and in flats. And I can’t blame Ghost for his post-traumatic post-war desire for revenge. Feeling of justice intensify after such life. Like told boy in one of Hamlet’s connected interviews: “We know what is to suffer and lost people”.

    I know that this show will stay in scrap-book of Shakespeare’s shows. What I didn’t see, it’s deep thinking or asking questions. Not about Mr. Cumberbatch, but about Hamlet. Why after 400 years in all word millions of people see, play, read story about Danish prince who didn’t win and all main characters are dead? Pity that they forget about greatness of words which were said on stage, only silence left.


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