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    My fault.


    Time to time I check cinema new titles. I still prefer watch movies at internet, but have to know what happens around me.

    I noticed in one of Kiev’s cinemas theatres that on 24 of April will be “Hamlet” with Benedict Cumberbatch in main role. I already saw that and moan that it was impossible to saw that in our country.

    Now it’s possible, I’m happy. Than I made a research.

    British Council show it before, I didn’t noticed. It’s my biggest mistake in whole journalistic career, I didn’t double checked facts. Emotions won fight with brain. I still won’t believe that will travel to another town to see it.

    Web-site at which I saw it, with Russian subtitles, already didn’t exist on internet.

    Everyone who wish could visit cinemas. I still believe that subtitles are great sign for Shakespeare.

    I imagined Hamlet more tranquil, but every actor has right for own interpretation.



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